Here’s Your Chance to Ask a Professional Wedding Planner Anything

So now you’re engaged (wee! congrats!) and are ready to start planning a lifetime together. Sure, the reality of committing to your relationship forever may be a little intimidating, so try to focus on the things you have con trol over -like making all of your wedding ideas come to life. Maybe you already bought a couple of books or poked around a few wedding websites and have a bit of a handle on your plans, but now you have...well, questions. Questions about your unique vision for your wedding, which isn’t covered by those generic wedding websites.

In this blog, I like to make a case for hiring an experienced, professional wedding planner (hi, me) to make sure no detail is overlooked and you can become a pampered guest at your own wedding. So here’s my offer - we’re going to do a Reddit AMA-style thread right here where you can ask any and all of your wedding planning questions, and I will use my years of planning experience to answer you almost in real-time.

So go ahead - post your most vexing wedding questions below: