Here's The Inside Track For Hiring a Limousine For Your Wedding

Hiring a Limousine For Your Wedding If you are working with a professional wedding planner and coordinator, you probably are not digging into the transportation details. After all, that's why you hired a planner in the first place, right? Hiring a limousine for your wedding is a choice many couples make.

Suppose, for example, you are looking for a classic limousine to whisk you off to your new life in utter style. Or maybe your wedding has more moving parts and you need an entire fleet of vehicles like guest shuttles and such. So how do you manage all the logistics?

The Guide To Hiring a Limousine For Your Wedding

Start With Reviews Today every business has reviews online and a quick search on Yelp will reveal a transportations strengths and weaknesses. While an occasional negative review is inevitable, look for companies that have a proven track record.

Try to Book Early Most good transportation companies are busy, so book as early as possible when you find a company you can trust with your wedding.

Visit in Person Sure, in this age of Skype, email, and instant message, it's easy to forget how much of an impact a face to face meeting has. And don't forget to check out your actual vehicles.

Communication is Key Don't forget to communicate your needs to your transportation company. Be specific and make sure your pickup and drop off locations and times are documented. There is no such thing as over communication in wedding planning.

Hiring a Limousine For Your Wedding and What to Watch For

Know the Fees for Overtime You might be surprised at how late your wedding and reception festivities run - and time is money to transportation providers. Make certain you know what you are getting into with overages.

Never Fill a Vehicle to Capacity If you are cost-conscious, it may seem like a good idea to rent an eight person limousine if you have eight people in your wedding party. Resist that temptation and book a ten or twelve person limousine. We promise the extra space will improve your experience.

Think About a Guest Shuttle If you have out-of-town guests or if your chosen venue has limited parking, a guest shuttle is a great thing. Not only does it improve safety, but it can also prevent drinking and driving.

Designate a Shuttle Person When Hiring a Limousine For Your Wedding

Designate a Shuttle Delegate Sure, the shuttle chauffeur may be a great person, but he or she should not be trying to take orders from your guests. Rather, designate a shuttle point-person to make certain the shuttle is accounted for and the chauffeur knows who to listen to.

We can help you with the details of hiring a Limousine for your wedding and so much more.  Book a time slot for a consultation to see how we can help you.

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