Honeymoon Trends You Didn't See Coming

Honeymoon Trends Hey, it’s your honeymoon - so why not switch it up from a tired old beach vacation? It’s 2016 and honeymoon trends are getting more creative all the time. Here are a few to consider:

Honeymoon Trends#1: Hit the Road

Nothing beats a long road trip for romanticism! Imagine cruising down the California coast or even hiking the Grand Canyon - and the trend includes fabulous luxury accommodations.

Imagine a long journey along Big Sur and then tour the super chic and historic town of Carmel (think: crashing surf and towering cliffs). Ocean not your thing?

Why not venture out to Las Vegas, win some dinner money, and then cruise out to Utah’s Zion and Monument Valley?

Or if you’re not into the west coast thing, try catching a ball game at Fenway Park and hit a few Beantown bars. From there, head north to Portland, Maine where you will find a plentitude of artsy boutiques and galleries. Top it off in Bar Harbor, Maine and do a little whale watching. What could be better?

Honeymoon Trends #2: Take a “Farm-Cation”

Perhaps the most surprising trend we are seeing this year is people booking volunteer working farming honeymoons on Airbnb. Not feeling quite that adventurous? Perhaps a resort that provides the same farm-to-table experience without the blisters and callouses.

Honeymoon Trends #3: Romantic Boat Trips

We’re not talking about a commercial cruise - you know, the ones with the overcrowded buffets and scarce deck chairs. Smaller boats are available - think of them as mini luxury liners with less than 100 passengers. It’s a fun alternative, and these ships have a completely different vibe to mega-ships with thousands of passengers.

Honeymoon Trends #4: Seriously Adventurous Honeymoons

If dropping a splash of sunscreen on your torso is your idea of exertion, this idea probably isn’t going to resonate with you. Still, if you and your partner lead an active lifestyle, why not plan a week of surfing mega waves, camping in a rain forest, or rock climbing impossible cliffs?

Honeymoon Trends #5: Dual Honeymoons

An increasing number of couples are opting to take shorter (and less expensive) mini-honeymoons after the wedding and then a grander trip a few months down the road. Where to go?

Think white rafting or hiking in Jackson Hole, Wyoming - or if you are aiming for a quieter adventure, try a local hotel with a fabulous spa.

Honeymoon Trends #6: Honeymoons for Foodies

If you as addicted to food shows as we are, you can probably understand the current obsession with foodie honeymoons.

We’re talking about an utterly amazing culinary experience with wine bars, 12-course tasting menu, and the freshest local produce and proteins.

Honeymoon Trends #7: YOLO Honeymoons

Yep, you read that right. The economy continues to recover, and travel agents are telling us couples are booking more expensive, longer, and more exotic trips to YOLO destinations like the Maldives or Bora Bora.

There is also a trend of couples taking months (instead of weeks) off and hitting several destinations.

Honeymoon Trends #8: River Cruise Honeymoons

If the sight of the open ocean doesn’t float your boat, why not try an inland cruise? These cruises feature all of the conveniences of their larger brethren, but with a seriously cool ambience - and don’t forget smoother sailing.

Try hopping on a trip from the Yangtze River in inland China and see Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall. Or perhaps a trip down the Danube to Vienna is more your speed.

Honeymoon Trends #9: Volunteer Honeymoons

Seems the whole world has gone green, right? So why not a green honeymoon? Green honeymoons have been trending for some time, and more couple are adding volunteering to their agenda.

So whether you're building a community garden or feeding the homeless, doing good things will bring you closer together.

Honeymoon Trends #10: Eco-Honeymoons

Some couples have a passion for the environment and want to ensure their honeymoon has a small of an impact as possible on the environment.

Why not venture out to eco-friendly Kingfisher Bay Resort in Queensland, Australia - there you can see wild dingos and kangaroos while enjoying the white sand beaches without no impact on our delicate, yet beautiful, ecosystem.

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