Hot Honeymoon Trends You Need to Know Now

Hot Honeymoon Trends Let’s face the facts - the traditional beach honeymoon is…well, traditional. The beach is great, but there is more to explore for your post wedding finale.  Ready for something fresh and new? Take a gander at these hot honeymoon trends.

Hot Honeymoon Trends: Romantic Road Trip Honeymoon

You have to admit it - there is something utterly romantic about the open road. This new honeymoon trend is all about grabbing the steering wheel and following the road. Think: cruising down the California coast and hiking the Grand Canyon.

Hot Honeymoon Trends: Full-On Farm Honeymoons

This category of honeymoon adventures comes to us from Help Exchange and AirBnB. Not feeling quite that ambitious? Try looking for a resort that provides the same farm-to-table vibe without the blisters and callouses.

Our recommendation: Venture out to Kitten Hill in St. Kitts, West Indies. The vibe here is a blend of resort and eco-responsibility. You’ll be assigned a cabin and given a crate to forage the 400-acre grounds for your food. But it doesn’t stop there - they offer cooking classes and communal dinners as well.

Hot Honeymoon Trends: Seriously Adventurous Honeymoons

If reaching for your tropical drink is your idea of exercise, this one most likely won’t be a good fit. But if you are an active couple, and surfing monster waves, rock climbing, and four-wheeling floats your boat, try heading to Ecuador and stay on the Galapagos Islands. Not only will you be island hopping, but you’ll find yourself hiking past pelicans, sea lions, and tortoises.

Hot Honeymoon Trends: Romantic Boat Trip Honeymoons

Sure, we’ve all been on cruises and know waiting in line at the buffet is no one’s idea of romantic. Still, there are cruises designed for honeymooners - think smaller luxury ships (with less than 100 passengers) are a marked departure from typical family cruise ships. Check out smaller cruises in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean.

Hot Honeymoon Trends: Eco-Tourism Honeymoons

Whether it's using solar power, serving locally sourced food, or striving to make a minimal impact on the environment as possible, eco-friendly resorts have succeeded in proving going green doesn’t mean you have to give up luxury.

Our Recommendation: Head over to Kingfisher Bay Resort in Queensland, Australia and experience wild dingoes and kangaroos on white sand beaches.

Hot Honeymoon Trends: Foodie Honeymoons (YUM!)

Obsessed with Top Chef? Couples today are planning their entire honeymoon around where they’ll have their meals. We’re talking about an extraordinary culinary experience with 12-course tasting menus, knowledgeable sommeliers, and the freshest local produce and proteins.

Hot Honeymoon Trends: River Cruise Honeymoons

If you’re looking for the cool factor, look no further than Viking River Cruises. They feature all-inclusive tours of places like the Danube River and the Yangtze River in China.

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