How To Include Pumpkins In Your Wedding Tastefully

How to Include Pumpkins in Your Wedding

How to Include Pumpkins in Your Wedding Tastefully

Do you love pumpkins? Do you want to include pumpkins in your wedding but want it elegant and tasteful? Cinderella has nothing on you.  Read on to discover how to include pumpkins in your wedding.

While pumpkins are associated with the whimsy of autumn and Halloween, they have wedding uses far beyond a cutesy and crafty look.

Tip #1: How to Include Pumpkins in Your Wedding Flowers

Painted or the green and white pumpkins lend more of an elegant air to your wedding. You can replace vases with pumpkins. These are a great way to showcase your love of pumpkins.

Tie pumpkins up with large head roses and big, beautiful silk ribbon and hang them from chairs for wedding aisle décor.

Use mini pumpkins as placeholders. Attach a large flower like a double rose or peony to the top of a mini pumpkin with a name card to help your guests know where to sit.

How to Include Pumpkins in Your Wedding

Tip #2: How to Include Pumpkins in Your Wedding Flavors

Consider adding pumpkin or pumpkin flavors to your wedding menu. A light pumpkin soup can be served in small pumpkin bowls.

Steak pairs well with grilled slices of pumpkin.

If you are opting for a dessert table, desserts flavors can be pumpkin inspired.

Don’t be afraid to serve pumpkin flavored ale or pumpkin lattes for after dinner drinks.

How to Include Pumpkins in Your Wedding

Tip #3: How to Include Pumpkins in Your Wedding Lighting

Lighting has a way to take a wedding to wow levels. Even if your wedding is during the day, you can still showcase your pumpkins by using them as lighting.

Pumpkin votive holders. Have your pumpkins painted to whatever color you desire and then dusted in very fine glitter. Metal colors are beautiful.

The very fine glitter gives an elegant but not crafty look to the pumpkins.

A hole should be drilled out of the top of the pumpkin large enough to sit a tea light or flickering battery powered tea light. Place these on the tables as mood lighting.

Pumpkins can be punched out with tools for elaborate designs. Stick a candle up from the bottom and you have glowing artwork that helps to set the mood.

Tip #4: How to Include Pumpkins in Your Wedding Space

Use small gilded pumpkins at your welcome table. Attach the name to the stem of the pumpkin. Make sure the tags are written with elegant sprawling font.

Pumpkins can be carved with Mr. and Mrs. in the same elegant font and showcased on the wedding table.

Have small candy jars full of flavored pumpkin seeds. This will keep your guests satisfied until the main meal.

Consider bringing in a pumpkin farm and have a pumpkin patch. This would make for beautiful and unique post-wedding photos.

Pumpkin cake toppers. You may not want the traditional bride and groom cake topper. Why not use mini pumpkins inscribed with names or simply mr and mrs.?

Don’t forget, you don’t always have to use real pumpkins. Fake pumpkins, glass pumpkins, and even designer pumpkins with embellishments can be used as a substitute.

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