Ideal Last-Minute Pointers For a Great Wedding in Napa Valley

Reasons You Should Have a Wedding Rehearsal Getting a wedding in Napa Valley will be even better if you plan it properly. There are many things that have to be done when getting your wedding in Napa Valley set up even if you’re in the last minute when planning it all out.

Look To See When You Can Hold Your Wedding

You should check and see if there are rules as to when you can hold your wedding during the day. There are some venues in Napa Valley that allow you to use a spot until ten in the evening. Other places might allow you to go beyond the curfew but it will typically cost you extra for doing so. Think about what will happen at your wedding, how long it will take and if you feel it will work better at night before settling on a time of day for it.

Check on Corkage

Corkage is a charge that is often added to a wedding bill by the venue hosting it. This charge is for serving wine that has been brought in by someone outside of the venue.

While it might not be fun to pay a corkage fee for each bottle of wine brought to the wedding, you should at least compare it alongside the wine list that a venue holds. Sometimes the wine list at a venue might be expensive to the point where you are better off spending money on the corkage cost than money on each individual bottle.

Can a Satellite Kitchen Work?

A satellite kitchen may be hired for your Napa Valley wedding. This is a type of kitchen where the food will be cooked by an outside firm on site. This could be less expensive than hiring the chefs at your venue to cook the foods. Also, a satellite kitchen might have a better variety of foods to choose from. You should compare the serving options and prices of a satellite kitchen with the cost of what the venue offers before making a decision at this point.

Don’t Worry About Expansive Canopies

The beautiful mountainous surroundings of Napa Valley make for the perfect romantic backdrop to your wedding. You should not have to get any high-priced canopies added to your wedding site as they will only crowd the view. Also, such canopies might be at risk of blowing over, what with conditions in the area often being windy.

Look For Open Spaces

The last tip is to see that any space you will have your wedding in is wide open enough to fit everyone who will come in. Napa Valley has plenty of vast flat spaces alongside its many hills. Check to see if these spaces are big enough to fit everyone while also easy for your guests to move around. You don’t want anything to be on substantial inclines that some guests at your wedding might not be able to climb up and down.

You can always use these pointers to make your wedding in Napa Valley more entertaining, memorable and even affordable no matter where in the planning stages you are. Good luck with getting your special day in this wonderful part of the United States ready!