More Ideas For Your Rustic-Chic Wedding Theme


A rustic-chic wedding theme has a series of country-themed accents all around the place. It will come with some great wooden accents and especially creates a charming southern look. You can achieve a great rustic-chic wedding theme if you use a few smart accents for the event.

Choose the Right Colors For Flowers

The flowers you should choose come with colors that are organized quite well. White shades should dominate with plenty of loose bits of greenery all around. These are especially great to add for how they offer a series of relaxed tones all around. These are especially light enough to create a brighter appearance all around. Yellow can also be added to create a brighter look. Sunflowers are especially appropriate for a rustic-chic style.

Add Enough Hay All Around

Hay is always a good decoration to have all around the wedding site. Hay bales that are carefully packaged together are always great to have. The natural yellow tones of the hay bales will mix in well with wooden materials and other natural items that you plan on adding at your wedding.

Add More Wooden Signs

You should add a few wooden signs to your wedding site. These include signs for where people are to sit and to direct people to different spaces around the wedding site. These signs will establish a classy look all around the wedding site.

Have a Bonfire At the End

A bonfire is great to add to the end of your wedding. This can occur after the reception. This will require plenty of wood and an open space for the fire. This is a type of fire that will bring in many people to the site as a means of celebrating the new couple. It also offers a more natural accent to the event.

Unique Centerpieces Always Work

You can add various special rustic-chic centerpieces to your reception tables. Mason jars and cowboy boots are great to have as they can support tall flowers instead of more traditional vases. The flowers that you choose should mix in well with the natural colors on those centerpieces to make them more outstanding.

Offer Appropriate Favors

The favors you give to guests at your wedding should match up with the theme of the wedding. Favors can include things like homemade soaps or wooden photo frames. Anything that exudes an organic feel to it should be used. These can even be secured in a series of burlap bags with ties on them to make the occasion even more unique.

Look For a Classic Form of Transportation

The transportation for the couple at a wedding like this should be just as rustic as everything else. A classic wagon with a horse would always be great to think about. You could also use an older pickup truck if desired. Anything that has a farm style to it will always be worth having.

These ideas will work wonders for when you’re aiming to get your rustic-chic wedding up and running. Your wedding will be more memorable when this great theme is prepared the right way.

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