Important Wedding Invitation Tips You Need To Know

wedding-invitations-24-mobile Let's face the facts - your goal with your wedding invitation should be to convey both your style and wedding information. Our wedding invitation tips will help you provide your guests with all the details of your wedding in a style to match your big day.

Wedding Invitation Tips - Wording

The wording on your invitation should be short and sweet, but in some cases, you'll need to provide extra information. This is most commonly accomplished with invitation inserts (aka enclosures) or even innovative small cards.

After working hundreds of weddings in the area, we have some experience in this area - so here we are providing a list of the various types of wedding inserts you may want to include with your wedding invitation.

RSVP Card (and elegant envelope!)

Today there are a lot of ways to format your RSVP cards. Some couples will prefer to send an almost blank card so their guests can write out their response, while others think a fill-in-the-blank card is more appropriate.

Wedding Invitation Tips:  A recent trend is to provide a space for guests to choose their entree for the reception meal.

Don't forget to include an accurate and easy to find deadline - and this is usually three weeks before your wedding day. You should also include a self-addressed and stamped envelope - but if postage is a budget issue, try postcards.

And don't forget we are in the 21st century - some progressive couples let their guests RSVP online through a wedding website.

Your Reception Card

Wedding Invitation Tips: If you have a significant break between your reception and wedding, or if the two events are taking place in separate venues, consider including a separate reception card with your invitation.

Most reception cards we have dealt with contain information about your reception - the time, address, parking tips, etc. And while you might think reception cards add a level of formality to your invitation, consider that they also keep your actual invitation from getting too wordy.

Wedding Invitation Tips For A Destination Wedding

Accommodations Card

If you are having a destination wedding here in Northern California, you or your planner may have booked a block of hotel accommodations for your guests.

While many couples will share accommodation cards with their invitations, we are seeing an increasing number of couples who just point their guests to their wedding website for the hotel address, phone number, etc.

Directions Card/Map

We're living in a world of GPS now, and we're seeing a marked decrease in couples providing directions and maps with their invitation.

That being said, we have seen some couples get very creative with their hand-drawn maps and directions - so if this is your thing, by all means - go for it! And don't forget to provide your venue's address on your wedding website.

Pre- or Post-Wedding Events Card

If you have decided to host wedding related events like a post-wedding brunch, for example, then you can provide this information as an insert.

It's more convenient for your guests, and you'll save money on postage - what could be better? That being said, you will need to be careful about who is invited to what to avoid mix-ups.

And here are a few you probably don’t need…

Wedding Invitation Tips:  Cards You Won't Need

Registry Card Today it is widely considered a faux pass if couples include a mention of your wedding registry as part of their invitation. It looks and feels like a direct plea for gifts - a definite no-no. A better way to share your registry information is to include a prominent link on your wedding website or a mass email to your guests.

Attire Card

Over time it has become less common for weddings to have documented dress codes. Most wedding invitations today don't include dress codes, but if you must, keep it simple.

A quick snippet like "black tie" or "beach casual" in the lower right-hand corner makes your point in a concise, relaxed manner. Again, you can eliminate this insert if you include dress-code information on your wedding website.

Ok, got it ... but where do I put all of these inserts?

In the end, you may be spending a lot of time arranging enclosures and spending a lot on postage. One tip we can offer is to use an inner envelope using what's known as a "belly band."

A belly band is nothing more than a sturdy band that wraps around the invitation packet. It will keep everything organized and add a touch of organization, style, and class to your finished wedding invitation creation.

We can help you create the most unique and beautiful wedding invitations that are a perfect fit for your wedding.  Book a consultation with us here.

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