It's 2017 - Here's What to Expect in Wedding Trends.

It’s 2017! Here’s What To Expect in Wedding Trends in Sonoma and Napa Valley

The new year has arrived and a new season of wedding planning has begun. From elegant shades of pink and fabulous tiered cakes to carefree floral arrangements and natural elements, 2017 promises to be a lively and unique season. Wedding planning in Sonoma county has never been more exciting. Here is a brief look at some of the latest hot trends for 2017.

Wedding Gowns

Off-the-shoulder wedding gowns fill the runways of wedding fashion and dazzle with both short and long sleeve designs. Stylish wedding gowns with features such as ruffles and deep necklines are also popular this season, as well as anything with blush coloring.

Return to Nature

Natural elements are showing up with increasing frequency; think pine cones, tree stumps, bark, herbs, and all things related to nature. This trend is likely to continue now that Greenery has been named the Color of the Year by Pantone. Centerpieces, cake stands, and general décor are all starting to include intriguing natural elements that contribute to an overall feel that embraces nature.


Blush coloring is popular in more than just wedding gowns this year; pink is showing up in a variety of ways in weddings. Many couples are working with their wedding coordinator to incorporate pink décor elements that add a touch of romance and elegance to their special day.

Neutral Colors

Tan, grey, beige, and other neutral colors are serving as a base for a wedding’s color scheme. Bursts of color in the décor show dramatically against the neutral base and draw the eye around the space, creating an appealing and beautiful design. A wedding planner can help make the most of this striking color scheme.

Loose Floral Arrangements

The natural feel shows up again in the floral arrangements. Loose bouquets carried by the bride and her attendants and loose table garlands add to the natural feel that is becoming increasingly common. Expect to see more trailing floral centerpieces and loose arrangements of flowers this wedding season.

Artful Mix and Match

Carefree and artfully-arranged is the common vibe for weddings in 2017. Attendant attire, vases, reception tables, and invitations are just a few of the places where this more relaxed trend is likely to be noticed. No longer required to perfectly match, there is freedom to let the elements of the wedding show some differences. Increasing numbers of couples are partnering with their wedding planner to create a space that is comfortable, beautiful, and cohesive without all of the parts being identical.

Food and Cake

Food and drink pairings for the cocktail hour and the reception meal show an attention to detail that is sure to get noticed. This season more couples are likely to serve specialty beverages to complement the food choices. 2017 also marks the return of tiered wedding cakes as more couples lean toward this classic favorite and away from the recent trend in favor of cupcakes and other less traditional dessert options.

A number of hot trends from 2016 will remain popular this wedding season, including drone and metallic photography. And new trends will continue to emerge throughout the new year; check in with a wedding coordinator to find out more about the latest trends. It will be exciting to see how the new looks and styles will be incorporated in wedding planning in Sonoma county, Napa Valley, and around the country.