Just How Much Are Napa Weddings?


Are You Wondering How Much Are Napa Weddings?

That being said, the average cost of a Napa wedding is probably a bit higher than surrounding areas just because Napa wedding venues are utterly gorgeous and popular - and command a higher price tag.

As we settle into the fall and winter seasons, however, you may find some wedding venues in Napa willing to drop their prices.  That can usually be negotiated with the help of an awesome wedding planner with the right connections (*cough).

How Much Are Napa Weddings According to News Outlets?

According to a recent report on CNN, the average cost of a wedding in the US is $27,000, which covers the costs for the venue, officiant, bride, groom, and 139 guests.

How does this breakdown?

The venue, food, and beverage will average 45% of the total budget. You can also safely assume that a table of 10 guests costs between $1500-$1800. This data was compiled by The Wedding Report and Pew Research.

Because most Napa County weddings are destination weddings - i.e., the wedding party and guests usually fly in from different origins, you have also to work in the cost of airfare and hotel blocks.

How Much Are Napa Weddings If I Cut Costs?

Still, there are some beautiful venues in Napa county and Sonoma county that won't bust your budget. Some options include historical buildings. botanical gardens, and smaller vineyards.

We're happy to make venue suggestions for our clients, and will often accompany our clients on "site inspections" when they are determining their venue choice.

But let's back up a moment. You'll need to get a realistic idea of your budget before shopping for a venue and wedding planner.

To start, list out your regular wedding services and rank them in order of importance. Does it add up close to your budget figure? If so, great! But have you also considered all of the costs that didn't make it on your list?

Here are some of the common wedding expenses that are often forgotten about during the initial planning:

1. Alterations to your wedding gown. When you set up a budget number for your wedding dress, don't forget to add in at least $200 for alterations.

2. Services fees. Most venues and wedding vendors will have some service fees listed in their contract. Make sure you do your due diligence and keep an eye on both service charges and taxes. Average service fees average between 23-25%, but some will land north of 30%.

3. Don't forget about accessories. Veils, hair accessories, cufflinks, undergarments, shoes...all those little things can add up quickly. Be certain you have budgeted for everything you need for your big day.

4. And add in the setup and breakdown fees. Be certain you talk with your wedding coordinator about setup and breakdown - are these services included in the vendor service contract or billed separately? Sometimes the wedding coordinator will plan on doing the setup and breakdown with their staff. Just be sure you have the real numbers, so there are no surprises at the end of the night.

5. Postage is another often forgotten line item in your budget. Sure, you will be mailing invitations, but did you account for wedding shower invites, save the date cards, bachelor / bachelorette party invites, etc? Postage in the US varies widely depending on weight and distance, and international postage is even more expensive.

6. The preservation of your wedding gown and floral arrangements is trending now and somewhat expensive. These services can run between $350-$600.

7. Gratuities. Most wedding vendors don't expect a tip, but it's a common practice for most services, including all the vendors that went above and beyond to make your big day extraordinary. Set aside a number you are comfortable with for gratuities and make certain your planner distributes the funds according to your wishes.

8. Vendor meals. Most vendors these days expect a meal from the wedding couple if they are working on the site for more than four hours. Ask your wedding planner what options are available for vendor meals and make certain you set aside funds in your budget.

In the end, you can avoid incurring any unexpected fees by keeping your communication lines open with your planner and vendors.

If you have any other costs you’d like to add to the list, please leave them in the comment section below.

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