How To Make Sure Everyone Enjoys Your Wedding Day

35800941 - full length portrait of newlywed couple and their friends at the wedding party showered with confetti in green sunny park Here are our a few of her pro tips on how to ensure your wedding is enjoyed by everyone who attends.

Remember that comfort is key.

Lura is quick to point out the enemy of fun is discomfort. If your guests are battling a swarm of flies or sweltering in a heat wave, they probably won't notice or enjoy the epic desert bar or signature cocktails you so meticulously designed for them.

Lura suggests first thinking about your guest experience is likely to be in your chosen venue and go from there.

Consider, for example, if you're hosting an outdoor wedding day in July, think about greeting your guests with a cold slosh of lemonade or ice tea. Or better yet, put a basket of flip flops near your dance floor to help with aching, overheated feet from your sizzling hot dancing fun. Finally, have a basket of extended amenities in the restrooms that include breath mints, a sewing kit, and safety pins. These little extras, according to Lura, is what makes a wedding truly memorable.

Keep the party movin' and shakin'.

It's just as important to keep a party moving as navigating it in the right direction, Lura says. "Sitting around waiting for service or the next portion of your event is an utter wedding day buzzkill," she warns.

In the end, it is your planner's responsibility to keep the festivities alive. For most wedding days, the cocktail hour should be one hour, no more and no less. If you are having a multi-coarse meal, guests shouldn't be waiting for more then 20-25 minutes between courses. Guests can sense when things begin to drag, and ultimately everyone wants to get on the dance floor to celebrate.

Invite your guests to the dance floor as early as possible.

According to Albee, "The secret key to a fun reception is making certain the dancing starts early. Waiting until the end of the night can be a mistake, especially for your older relatives and guests. "The dance floor is usually the focus of the wedding day reception, so the guests are already excited about celebrating your marriage in style as soon as they arrive," she explains.

Add in some unexpected entertainment.

Sure, your guest's expectations are set: ceremony, a drinks or two, chow and dancing. So what would blow them away? Try a live salsa performance or old-style lawn games, says Albee. "Old time lawn games are trending now - think oversized Jenga and giant chess and checkers," she adds. "Or try specialized tasting stations with fares like your favorite beers, wine, and spirits complete with an expert."

Make sure there is enough food.

According to Albee, "A satiated guest is a happy guest! So - being certain there is ample food for each guest is priority one for your planner and caterer. If the hors d' oeuvres are already demolished before your guests are all at the reception, it is another buzz kill."

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