How to Have a Mind-Blowingly Awesome Wedding

Leave your guests feeling like they attended the wedding of the year and have a blast doing it with these tips for a mind-blowing wedding. A Sonoma wedding planner can help you pull off a dream wedding that will keep people excited and talking about the amazing day.

A Positive Couple

The bride and groom set the tone for a wedding and can make or break the day. If you are worried and stressed about all the details, your guests will pick up on the vibe. So relax, have fun, and enjoy every moment with your new spouse, friends, and family. Let your Napa wedding planner handle the details while you laugh, dance, and savor the day.

Surprise Your Guests

Including surprises in your wedding keeps guests engaged and creates a memorable event. Delight your guests with surprises small and large, such as a late-night visit from a favorite food truck.

Interactive Aspects

People enjoy being part of the action instead of sitting and watching it unfold; interactive food stations, entertainment, and décor elements invite guests to be part of the wedding. Creating these interactive experiences for guests lets them have tons of fun and leaves a strong impression.

Raise the Bar

An awesome bar is an excellent way to get guests talking; splurging on a setup that goes beyond a standard bar makes a big impression. Think craft cocktails, professional mixologists, or themed bars; anything that offers a little something more will stand out.

A Good Flow for Comfort

Think about the flow of your wedding from the guests’ point of view and identify areas where you can make a small change that results in a more comfortable experience for your guests. For example, you might consider renting golf carts as a shuttle service if the parking lot is a long walk from the ceremony site. Little details make a big difference and give people with a lasting positive impression.

Great Music

Excellent music is a must for a wow-worthy wedding, whether it is live or a DJ. Provide must play and do not play lists for the DJ in advance, then give them freedom to choose music that fits well. Part of their job is judging the mood of the audience and deciding what to play when to keep the energy level up. Giving them a list of songs with a certain order for the whole event defeats the purpose of having a DJ and can result in poor timing for songs, like a ballad clearing the dance floor by coming on at the wrong time.

Create Unexpected Moments

Use unexpected décor elements to grab your guests attention. Whether it is a beautiful dance floor treatment or an excellent bar setup, work with your Sonoma wedding planner to create décor that people can’t take their eyes off of to produce a great environment for celebrating.

Invest Wisely

Not every aspect of your wedding has to be fantastic to wow your guests; too many flashy elements might actually overwhelm them. Instead, spend wisely by choosing an area to go big, whether it’s food, flowers, entertainment, or another aspect, and splurging on that item. Choose something that is important to you and use that to make a big impression, leaving your guests talking about that “one thing” the next day.

Offer Ease

Keep your guests relaxed and happy by making things easy for them. Clear instructions and directions, with transportation provided between the ceremony and reception sites if needed, help things flow smoothly for your friends and family. Avoid leaving guests standing in long lines by offering passed plates and drinks during the cocktail hour, and keep the overall pace of the evening moving to minimize long periods of waiting. Tailoring events to increase ease for the guests keeps the fun vibe strong and everyone in a celebratory mood.

With a little extra planning, your wedding day can be as creative and awesome as you and your loved one. However, planning a wedding is stressful, and additional planning may seem overwhelming. Hiring a Napa wedding planner can dramatically reduce that stress, letting you relax and be at ease as one of the guests at your own wedding.