Your Mini-Me Wedding Cake


Creating Cakes

Previously, Dyke worked under Duff Goldman of “Ace of Cakes” as a cake decorator at Charm City Cakes West in West Hollywood. Many of the techniques she learned during that time she now uses to create her tiny works of art. Last year, she appeared on Food Network’s “Cake Masters.”

Dyke has been fascinated by miniatures for years; her obsession started at an early age with toy trains and Barbie accessories. Around the age of 6 or 7, she started making her own miniatures, and at age 20 she turned her focus specifically to wedding miniatures. She was working retail at the time and bought some polymer clay with an early paycheck. After reading a Tarina Taratino article, she was inspired to start making miniatures again. So she made a mini wedding cake for a co-worker, who then wanted one for a friend, and then the friend asked for one, and so on. Her wait list is now two months long, but you can send business inquires to her through Instagram direct messages.

Working in Mini

Some people might find even the idea of working on something so small to be overwhelming and painstaking, but Dyke loves it and finds tremendous pleasure in her work. She thinks it’s satisfying to correctly miniaturize an item, and is most pleased when it’s hard to tell the original in the picture from the miniature version. She also appreciates the opportunity to make art for people, and enjoys their reactions; some of her customers have told her they cried when they received their finished keepsake.

Her beautiful miniature cakes include mini flowers, cake toppers, frosting, and more; anything on the original cake is recreated in tiny detail using clay, paint, and small pieces of other items. Her range of cakes is impressive, including naked cakes, cupcake displays, traditional layered cakes, even a tiny version of the cake from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

Remembering Your Day

A mini version of your wedding cake is one of many special ways to remember the day; pictures, video, and the guest book are also great ways to look back on your wedding. Incorporating unique items into the day that can be saved as keepsakes is also fun. Whatever you decide to do, having some way to remember the special day is important and thinking about ways to do that beforehand is helpful. Including memory makers in your wedding planning helps make sure your wedding memories are the best they can be. For example, if you don’t have a clear picture of your wedding cake because you didn’t ask your photographer to take one, there’s no way you could have Dyke make you a miniature version.

Wedding planning involves so many details already, it seems like adding another aspect makes the whole process overwhelming. If you are stressed out by your wedding planning, considering hiring a professional wedding planner to help you. They keep track of the details and cut the stress of planning, so you can relax, enjoy the process, and focus on what’s most important to you. Your wedding planner allows you to be a guest at your own wedding, making memories and enjoying every moment of the day.