Napa Wineries That Do Weddings

Napa Wineries That Do Weddings

Napa Wineries That Do Weddings

Have you been dreaming of a beautiful Napa winery wedding? Are you a wine lover? While not all wineries in Napa host weddings, some of them do. We have handpicked our favorite Napa wineries that do weddings just for you.

Wine country in California is one of the most popular spots for weddings in the United States. While many couples decide they want a Napa valley wedding, there is an ordinance in place that restricts wineries from hosting weddings.

Here are two ordinances that affect Napa Wineries that do weddings:

The Winery Definition Ordinance (WDO) states that wineries can host events related to marketing of wine but does not allow "cultural and social events unrelated to education and development." This rule includes weddings as a prohibited winery event.

This is the reason:

[A]ctivities such as retail sales and food service should be restricted. Weddings, large events, and corporate conferences are not appropriate in agricultural lands and can be held in town. They fear that if events like these are allowed, then the County would essentially have to allow any commercial use. This is stated in the Managing Activities at Wineries document.

That being said, we know the ins and outs of what wineries in Napa that you CAN have a wedding at and how to plan a wedding that satisfies Napa County’s code.

Many couples that want to have their weddings find that Napa weddings are a little more expensive (but completely worth it for the uniqueness) and that you need some personal connections to have the wedding you want in Napa.

We will be your personal connection.

Here is a list of Napa wineries that do weddings

Napa Wineries That Do Weddings

V Sattuli Winery: Voted as one of the top five winery weddings in the world, this is a beautiful place to have your wedding year round.

You will have access to their prized vineyards gorgeous winery tower for photos. The bride can get ready for her big day in the winery tower. The wedding can be held in the tower lawn or the intimate courtyard.

After the wedding, you can enjoy the world-class wine reception in the main courtyard, on the Vittorio Terrace with stunning views, or the fountain patio.

The Barrel Room will hold your candlelight wedding dinner with plenty of space to dance the night away.   Everything is world-class.

Charles Krug Winery: World-class wine pairs with one of the few wineries awarded the prestige to host a wedding on winery land.

Imagine a renovated 1881 Carriage house with cathedral ceilings and redwood flooring. The impressive chandeliers have all been hand forged.   Downstairs can be transformed into your themed wedding while upstairs offer expansive views of the most beautiful countryside you’ve ever seen.

The vows can occur on the Heritage Lawn shaded by antique oak trees, by the redwood grove, or at the Carriage house and cherub fountain.

We have connections to more Napa wineries that do weddings and other venues that are so close you’d never know you weren’t at a winery!

Call us for your wedding needs and let us help you plan the Napa wedding of your dreams.

photo credits: V Sattuli Winery

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