Nine Ideas To Amp Up Your Guest Experience at Your Wedding

Let’s face it, who hasn’t seen the videos on youtube featuring weddings that inspires “OMGs” all over the world?Or who hasn’t been to a wedding and think that’s exactly how you want your wedding to be like? But just what makes a wedding into a “that was freaking fabulous” thought bubble above all your guests? We’ll give you a hint: it’s not all about following tradition. Here we give you 9 tips for upping your wedding game.

Keep it fun!

In our experience, the most memorable weddings start and finish with the couple. Your attitude can make or break an awesome wedding. “If you are stressed out about your timeline or worried about something, it will show” said Lura Albee, owner of Extraordinary Weddings. “Don’t let yourself forget to be in the moment with your friends and family.” So go ahead, dance your way down the aisle after the ceremony and be the stars on the dance floor.

Plan Interactivity into Your Experiences

The more you get your guests into the food, décor, and entertainment, the more they will thrive on their experience. Plan craft cocktails and bring in expert mixologists and watch as the “OMGs” happen!

Surprise, surprise!

Think of options that will differentiate your wedding from the norm. What about your favorite late night food truck? Or a surprise performance from your alma mater’s band? Keep your guests on their toes and guessing what will happen next ensure they are delighted throughout the evening.

A Great Flow Experience and Guest Comfort

Think about the day from your guests point of view. For example, what if there is a long walk from the parking area? Consider renting shuttles as a convenience for your guests. In the end, it’s the little details that can make or break your wedding day experience.

Awesome Music

Whether you have a DJ or live music, it’s important to shape the music around the ages and tastes of your guests. Killer music will rule the day! Consider making a list of your must-have-tunes but leave the majority of decisions to your DJ or band - both should be adept at reading your crowd and custom tailoring a awesome music experience for everyone.

Unexpected décor

If you really want to make your wedding memorable, consider creating a fantastic escort card display and a creative dance floor treatment. Think of touches for the bar experience for your guests during your cocktail hour. Let your imagination free!

Make Wise Investments

Just like the impact of an unexpected décor moment, in our experience we found it best to go big or go home in a single area. In other words, not every aspect of your wedding has to be over the top. Instead, invest wisely in one area - such as the food, entertainment, or flowers. Whatever you choose, make sure your guests are talking about it for weeks!

Make it Easy

Remember to keep things easy for your guests. Make certain a shuttle is available, and maybe even a waiting taxi for that one uncle who always overdoes it at the bar. Include directions wherever you can, and make sure the lines stay short for food and drink. These little things work together to create a fun and easy vibe that will make everyone feel like celebrating.