No Bridal Party, No Problem

Preparing for your wedding day with the help of your closest friends and family members is a fun and unique part of the Northern California celebration. It can also be a real pain. More couples are deciding to ditch the traditional bridal party and offer a variety of reasons for doing so. Here are nine good reasons to think about doing the same for your special day.

No Hurt Feelings

Choosing from a large group of close friends and family members is sure to leave someone feeling left out. If you are one of those people who seems like almost everyone invited to the wedding could stand with you, consider not having any attendants at all. This approach can backfire because people may still be upset you didn’t ask them to be a bridesmaid, but at least they won’t feel singled out.

Being a Bridesmaid or Groomsman is Expensive

Being an attendant is a big honor and a big expense. As much as you love your friends, if you have been a bridesmaid before, you know that it can sometimes be a burden. It’s a significant commitment of time and money for someone who’s not the one getting married.

The Wedding is Small

For small weddings, it makes sense to skip the bridal party. Small gatherings are more intimate, so there’s less need to highlight special friends. Besides, you don’t want to have more people standing up front then sitting in the congregation.

Your Guests can Enjoy Themselves

If you want to focus on celebrating and enjoying the day together, then not having attendants can contribute to the relaxed feel. No one needs to feel like they have a job to do or a responsibility as part of the wedding party. It’s a time to celebrate together with no strings attached.

The Day Should be Simple and Stress-Free

Adding attendants increases your wedding planning checklist because you need to choose attendants, ask them to be in the wedding, and communicate with them about the details. If you are a low-key bride, not having a bridal party can simplify the planning process. Working with a wedding planner is another good way to make the planning process easier and less stressful.

Time to Focus on Each Other

You’re marrying your partner for a reason, so being able to concentrate on each other on your wedding day is important. Too much going on can take energy and attention away from your partner and relationship.

Second Marriage

If you both have already been married, it’s likely you’ll want less of a fuss at your wedding. A small gathering focused on you instead of everything, and everybody else is often appealing.

Less Planning

Micromanaging a group of friends is unattractive to many couples. Not having attendants can be a good choice if you hate planning and want a no-fuss wedding. Letting a wedding coordinator handle the majority of the planning is also a good option.

There Aren’t Enough People You Want with You

You may not have enough people to stand with you for any number of reasons. There’s no need to ask people you don’t know or like very much to be at your wedding. Of course, there’s also no set number of attendants. If you and your partner both have one or two close friends, then having one or two attendants is wonderful.

Your Northern California wedding is a special time for you and your partner to commit to each other and celebrate your love. Having friends and family there with you is great, but there’s no reason they have to be at the wedding with you.

From deciding about a wedding party to choosing a location, ordering the food, and more, planning a wedding is a lot of work. Feeling stressed out about the many things that need to get done is normal, but there’s help. A wedding planner can use their experience and expertise to keep the process running smoothly, cutting your stress levels. Let your wedding coordinator do their job so you can relax and feel like a guest at your wedding.