8 Ways to Wow Your Northern California Wedding Guests

northern California wedding Most couples who are getting ready to walk down the aisle want to impress their guests with a formal event that stands out from other Northern California weddings.

From the floral arrangements to the centerpieces, there are many details that your Northern California wedding guests will be eyeing during the ceremony and reception.

To ensure that you wow your wedding guests, we are great at helping you decide on all small details that go into a Northern California Wedding.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few important steps to think about before it's time to say "I do."

Think Northern California Wedding Themed Goodie Bags

Thank your guests for traveling to your wedding and allow them to feel appreciated with goodie bags, Northern California style. People love goodie bags and these will get them through the day.

Create individual bags or baskets that include sunglasses, handheld fans, and a few chocolates that they can munch on during the ceremony.

When you hire us as your Northern California wedding coordinator, you can rest easy and know that we will make sure everyone has a basket before they are seated.

Hire Northern California Wedding Ushers

Your guests will feel like real VIPs during the reception. Pleasant ushers will take each guest to their assigned seat after the ceremony and cocktail hour ends.

The escorts can assist each person to the right area making your event hassle-free.

As a Northern California Wedding planner, we hand out the seating chart to each escort to ensure that the event stays organized and all confusion is avoided.

Create a Lounge Area for Northern California Wedding Guests

Many weddings guest enjoy having a special area where they can lounge when they're taking a break from the dance floor.

We can create and set up a spot that features upholstered furniture and poufs where your family members and friends can take in the view of the reception.

You can even choose to have drinks and snacks on hand for a great place to recharge from the busy day.

Hire a Northern California Wedding Band

Instead of using a DJ or a playlist of wedding songs to play at the wedding, hire a band for a classic way of having fun with live entertainment that is available.

We help you to preview Northern California wedding bands so you can find the perfect combination of talent and personality.

You can request for the band to show up in tuxedos or formal attire and request a specific set list that they can play during the ceremony and reception. We help to make sure they stick to your preference in music.

Provide Child Care At Your Northern California Wedding

Having children at your wedding is a big decision. If you choose to have children at the event, offering childcare ensures the parents have fun and the kids are kept occupied.

We have the best Northern California Wedding Nannies that we work with. They will group together to entertain the kids. This will make it easier to avoid tantrum or accidents from occurring at the ceremony or reception.

The childcare will be available in a designated area where board games, art supplies, and a DVD player that is used to provide hours of entertainment.

Serve California Interactive Drinks

We set up a station where your guests can customize their snacks or beverages in a place that features dishes of flavored ice cubes and lavender sprigs that can be on display.

Hand Out Northern California Wedding Party Favors

Make the event more of a party by using favors that will allow everyone to celebrate the nuptials. Guests love when we pass out silly string and poppers to encourage everyone to let loose and have a bit of fun.

Avoid Fancy Appetizers

You don't have to serve five-star cuisine to make the event formal. Hand out finger foods and tasty treats that your guests will easily recognize. Our caterers can create grilled vegetables, miniature shepherd's pie, and bacon-wrapped asparagus to pass out to your guests. Your guests can load up on the snacks and truly enjoy each bite.

There are so many small details that go into a Northern California Wedding, but these details make all the difference to your guests.

We can help you see things you might miss and find solutions to your concerns.

Call or email us today to help you with your wedding.

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