Why Not? Your Guests Can Now Get a Tattoo at Your Wedding

Looking for something unusual and unique to make your wedding day memorable? Consider offering friends and family the opportunity to get a real tattoo at your reception. Tattoo artist Robert Fiore makes the wedding day unforgettable by providing tattoos for the happy couple, the wedding party, and the guests.

The Wedding Tattooer

Fiore is the owner of Red Lotus Tattoo, located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. He has been a professional tattoo artist for 20 years and has won multiple national tattoo awards. Within the past year, he started setting up shop at wedding receptions and other wedding-related events to offer tattoos for couples and their guests. He calls it “The Wedding Tattooer.”

The Beginning of the Service

The tattooing service begin when one of Fiore’s relatives was in the midst of wedding planning. Fiore had given him a number of tattoos over the years and half-jokingly suggested tattooing him and his bride at the reception. The couple liked the idea. Fiore arrived at the wedding venue with his sterile setup and inked the couple’s ring fingers with their initials during the cocktail hour. The wedding photographer commented that she hadn’t seen something like that before, and they knew they had something. Fiore has tattooed guests at six weddings so far, with 20 more booked. At the most recent event, he inked 34 of the guests.

How it Works

The process begins with a questionnaire and then a private consultation to start brainstorming ideas. Fiore works with the bride and groom to develop design concepts that form a tattoo menu. Guests can then choose from the menu to get a tattoo at the reception. The options tend to be minimalist in nature, like a simple heart or tiny planet. The couple can choose more complicated designs for their tattoos, but this usually involves an additional session after the wedding. Every person must sign a waiver before getting a tattoo. Wedding packages start at $500 and vary depending on the amount of design prep, the number of guests, and how much travel is required.

Reception Tattoos and More

Couples can offer the tattoo service just during the cocktail hour or throughout the reception. The Wedding Tattooer works to fit in with your theme whether it’s classic, eclectic, or something between the two. He creates a safe, fun, and memorable experience for you and your guests. And it doesn’t have to be during the reception either. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are another great time to bring the fun of tattoos to your celebration. Fiore enjoys providing an experience that is fun for guests and can help bond families together. He recently worked at a wedding where he inked the bride’s grandparents during the reception. It was the first tattoo for both of them.

Unique Favors

If you’re in the middle of wedding planning, you’ve probably given some thought to wedding favors. Couples like giving friends and family something fun and memorable that reflects their special relationship. A tattoo is certainly a one-of-a-kind wedding favor that’s a unique way to share your love for each other and give your guests a tangible way to remember the day.

Safety First

Fiore stresses the importance of safety and cleanliness at every event. He uses properly sterilized single-use needles, tubes, and pigments, and delivers a clean, sterile procedure for each guest. All used needles are returned to the Red Lotus Tattoo for proper disposal. After getting inked, guests receive aftercare product and instructions.

Your Special Day

Celebrating your love in a special way is an important part of your wedding day. Tattooing is one of many ways to make the day memorable and special for you, your partner, and your guests. No matter how you choose to celebrate, your wedding is a beautiful opportunity to make a commitment to your partner in front of your friends and family. But getting there isn’t always easy. Wedding favors are just one small part of planning a wedding, which is a stressful and often overwhelming project. Working with a wedding planner lowers the stress, allowing you to relax and enjoy the celebration while you get inked with your partner and guests.