Is an Outdoor Ceremony Right For You?

26558030 - wedding reception tables An Outdoor ceremony adds an air of freshness to a wedding.

At Extraordinary Weddings, we often have the honor of planning fabulous outdoor weddings for our clients. From the stunning redwood forests to the sandy beaches, our area offers a wealth of options for anyone interested in an outdoor wedding.

The downsides of an outdoor ceremony

That being said, there are some downsides to an outdoor ceremony, including inclement weather, power issues, and more. So if you are considering an outdoor wedding, here are top seven tips to make sure your “I do” celebration goes off without a hitch.

Tips To Have a Successful Outdoor Ceremony

1. Style of Your Tent

Let’s face it – your wedding style is yours alone to choose. It’s crucial to pick a tent that will function as a highlight of your overall décor – after all, it’s your celebration’s backdrop, right? Your tent will appear in dozens or even hundreds of photos, so it deserves a bit of thought. Your planner will have the experience to help guide you through your options but start by looking at how the tents shield their pole supports from view.

Does the tent require stakes in the ground? This is a consideration if you are planning your placement on a patio or deck. Transparent-top tents are becoming a thing – imagine the romantic view of the stars through the ceiling.

The other decision to be made for your outdoor ceremony is where to place your tent. Level ground is all-important here; if that’s simply not an option, consider full flooring. It’s a bigger budget item, but we’re talking about the comfort of your guests and loved ones.

2. Create Mini-Destinations

One of the recent trends we’ve seen  is the use of multiple tents to create event experiences. If you have the budget for it, it’s a creative way to impress your guests. Imagine separate tent destinations for an outdoor ceremony, dancing, cocktails, and more.

We’ve seen tents grouped together for a cozy feel and also spread like a village. That being said, if your budget is a concern, think about creating destinations inside of one large tent.

Add A Touch Of Romance To Your Outdoor Ceremony

3. Midnight Moon and Stars

Sure, you’ve probably seen white and ivory tents, but have you ever considered a tent with translucent white stars? We have a lot of connections in the tent world of northern California and can help you get creative with your tent experiences.

4. Lighting is everything

Lighting is a crucial component of almost any wedding experience, and a lot of thought should go into your tents illumination. Not only will have a direct impact on your photographer, but a great lighting plan can affect your dusk and twilight shots as well.

Some tent providers can provide retro copper lanterns and wrought iron chandeliers. Other modern and trendy options include Asian-inspired lamps and bistro string lighting – your imagination is your only limitation!

5. Weather

Sure, no one wants to think about rain and storms on their big day, but planning for the worst case scenario just comes with the territory of wedding planning.

And yes, we enjoy months of dry weather in nor cal. Still – most tent rental companies allow for rain contingency plans – where you can cancel and get a full refund based on a 2 or 3-day weather report.

On the other side of the spectrum is summer heat. Considering an outdoor wedding in July? Most tent companies we work with will mount ceiling fans and set up perimeter fans on the ground to make certain no one overheats.

6. Power

All of our venues and vendors provide power for their weddings. The tent lights, portable bathrooms, catering equipment and the DJ or band will require electricity. Most will provide their extension cords, and certainly, your planner should handle all of the details on your behalf.

7. Love Your Outdoor Wedding!

In the end, you chose an outdoor venue for a reason, so enjoy yourself and maximize your creativity! Bring the outdoors into your tent with loose wild-garden style floral arrangements. Encourage your guests to move beyond the tent with fun lawn games and fresh garden furniture like Adirondack chairs and hammocks.

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