8 Ways to Personalize Your Northern California Wedding Dress

Personalize Your Northern California Wedding DressWays to Personalize Your Northern California Wedding Dress

On a scale of 1-10, how important is having the perfect wedding dress? Probably a 10, right?  We will show you how to personalize your Northern California wedding dress.

There is a lot to consider in choosing a wedding dress. You want the perfect wedding dress that is flattering to your body type but is also unique to you.

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Here are some quick, helpful hints when choosing a Northern California wedding dress.

Pick your dress according to your body type:

•  If you are tall: Look for simple designs with a lower waistline. Think elegancy, willowy, and grace.

•  If you are petite: Consider a dress with a tall waistline. A sheath wedding dress would be very flattering. High sheen dresses will look perfect on you. Make sure the detailing is small.

•  If you are a plus size: Choose an empire dress for the most flattering style. Stiffer fabrics and satin will do well with your body type.

•  If you are big busted: Choose a dress that has a scooped neckline or one that is strapless with a sweetheart neckline. You want to choose a non-shiny fabric for your dress.

•  If you are a pear shape: Choose a dress made of sturdy fabric, a fitted V neck top, and a flowing skirt that widens at the bottom.

•  If you are an apple shape: Consider a dress with a low V neckline and a gradual A shape to the floor. You will look beautiful in lace and ruche. Make sure your top is sturdy and fitted.

Make sure you schedule your appointment with your bridal boutique first thing in the morning to get the attention you deserve.

Remember, the majority of what you will see in pictures is the top of your wedding dress so concentrate on the details.

Pick one person to go with you to try on dresses. Too many opinions can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry about the size. Most bridal gowns are purposely 2-3 sizes bigger to allow for fittings. Pay attention to the lines and details, not the size.

Also choose for practicality not just beauty. Will the style dress you want be practical for the venue, theme, and activities of the wedding?

Here are our favorite ways to personalize your Northern California wedding dress

Personalize Your Northern California Wedding Dress

  1. Have your wedding date monogramed on your wedding dress. This is a beautiful and unique touch to your dress.
  1. Have a special saying handwritten onto ribbon and sewn into the hem of your dress.
  1. Consider taking pieces of your mother’s or grandmother’s dress and work them into your own dress. Heirloom fabric and lace can add elegant touches to your dress. You can use a bow or even buttons.
  1. If your dress is fitted, consider having a special belt made for a couture look.
  1. If you have a petticoat, have it dyed to match your chosen wedding colors.
  1. Design an overskirt that can be belted on and removed after the ceremony.
  1. A godet sewn into a wedding dress adds a romantic flare. You can even have this dyed a color of your choosing for added flare.
  1. Add a statement back to your dress. A statement back is where all the elegant design can be found. When a bride turns around, the back of her dress is breathtaking. Consider a sheer fabric in nude with very elegant lace details.

I work with dress boutiques, dress designers, and seamstresses that can add the details you want to make your Northern California wedding dress personalized. Schedule a consultation with me here.

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