How to Pick Your First Dance Song

pick your first dance song Unless you are lucky enough to have a shared favorite song, you might be wondering how to pick your first dance song.   If you are unsure of the first tune you will hear as a married couple, here are our suggestions.

Pick a genre first when you want to pick your first dance song

If you came to this post totally lost, first try thinking about your style preferences. Are you indie or pop fans? Maybe both of you are country fanatics. Whatever style floats your boat, deciding on it first will make the next steps easier.

If you are open to something more creative, try asking your parents or grandparents what first song they played during their reception. Sure, maybe you won’t hear it anymore through your streaming service or on the radio, but integrating something old into your wedding is still a thing.

In order to pick your first dance song, think of the songs that resonate with both of you

Think back in your shared history - are there songs that are special to both of you? A song that you have a shared passion for? Was there a song playing on your first date that is unforgettable? Or maybe there was a concert you both attended. Once you have your “Aha!” moment, tell your partner and see if it rocks their world as well.

You don't want to pick your first dance song that is too long

Sure - the first dance is expected tradition at most weddings. But you don’t want to choose a tune that goes on forever. Pick a song that’s around 3:00 minutes. Enjoy your first dance as a married couple as long as you can, but don’t let the length of it make your guests uncomfortable.

Pick a first dance song that’s not too fast and not too slow

Think about the nature of your relationship and pick just the perfect tempo. If it’s too fast, you might miss the chance for a romantic dance. If it’s too slow, it will be hard to find a good rhythm. After all, the first dance is not meant to be a dance-off; save that for later in your reception.

Or just ask your DJ or band for suggestions

Your band or DJ will be a great source for first dance recommendations - after all, they probably have heard dozens of them.

Listen to your music library on shuffle

If you’ve tried and failed to think of a particular song for your first dance, try shuffling your music library. Chances are you will come across an old song that rocks both of your boats.

Or perhaps listen to your favorite movie soundtracks

There is an undeniable connection between a great movie and a great soundtrack. So - why not cue up a few of your favorite soundtracks together and see if one stands out.

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