What To Do If You're Planning a Last Minute Wedding In Napa

Planning a Last Minute Wedding In NapaWhat To Do If You're Planning a Last Minute Wedding In Napa

Are you planning a last minute wedding in Napa? Napa is the premiere wedding destination. There is really no place like it on earth. The beauty, landscape, culture and old world feel cannot be beat.

Most weddings need several months to plan to get everything that you want. For example, it is suggested that you order your wedding cake at least 6 months in advance.

But what do you do if you don’t have that time because you are planning a last minute wedding in Napa?

Don’t panic about the time restrictions because we specialize in planning a last minute wedding in Napa.

I can create the Napa wedding of your dreams on limited time. I have the connections and resources you need to pull this off in record time.

11 Steps To Planning a Last Minute Wedding In Napa 

  1. Book a consultation. Get on my schedule right away so we can talk as soon as possible. This will cut the panic inducing activities as I help to prioritize what needs to be done. The sooner we get the ball rolling the more reassured you will be.
  1. Know your budget. Once you know how much you have to dedicate for a wedding, choosing your dream spot will be much easier. Your guest list makes up a large amount of your budget.Do you want an intimate affair? Are you planning a large reception? A last minute wedding usually ends up with fewer guests due to prior commitments.
  1. Know your date. If you want a wedding at a popular venue, it might be booked already. Cancellations occur so it is possible your date may be open. You might consider being a little flexible where your exact date is concerned.
  1. Your dream venue. Do you want to get married at a Napa winery, in a church, restaurant, country club, ballroom, or some place more unique? Do you want an outdoor wedding? It’s amazing what we can come up with to accommodate your needs.
  1. Pick your theme. Choose a theme that matches the personality of your relationship. Are you traditional? Are you nature lovers? Do you like opulence and elegance? Are you wine connoisseurs? You can design the theme and pick colors that match the theme.
  1. Create your wedding website. A wedding website will keep your guests updated. You can create a website with a wedding website builder. Appy couple is the best of the website builders. You pay a one-time fee for the Boutique collection or $89 one-time fee for the Luxury collection.

    You can choose from over 500 designs and you get a wedding website and an app. All of your instant messaging and RSVPs can be found from here. Appy also offers live streaming of your wedding for the guests that couldn’t make it.

  1. Create your registry. Instead of going to individual retailers to create a registry (you don’t have the time for that!), you can do it all on one website. Checked Twice is the preferred registry of many brides.

    If you love Pinterest, you will love Checked Twice. This is a cross between Pinterest and your favorite registry retailer. You can build a pin board of your desired items from retailers located all across the Internet.

    Simply share your completed registry and your guests can select which items they are going to purchase so it cuts down on duplicate gifts. Your guests will be able to see what has been claimed, but you won’t.

  1. Select your invitations. We love stationary. We can help you make sure you include the details you need, have them printed in record time and off to your guests.
  1. Choose your wedding dress. You may already have a style in mind. We have connections with retailers and designers that will fit you for the gown of your dreams. Don’t forget the groom! You will also choose his attire at this stage.
  1. Pick your wedding party. I’m sure you already have in mind who will be standing in your wedding. You will want to pick their dresses and suits too.
  1. This is where you want to list your vendors. We will help you choose your flowers from our expert florists, wedding cake from world-class bakers, the menu from renowned chefs and wine from the best Napa has to offer.

We will help fill in the details and have it all organized in less time than one person can do alone. Our focus is making your dream wedding come true.  Click here to schedule a consultation.

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