Proven Tips For Keeping Your Relationship Strong and Healthy

It’s pretty clear; most couples will argue occasionally. Most relationship experts I have worked with believe this is a healthy sign which only proves your relationship is healthy enough to survive over the long haul. Still, you may have a nagging feeling something is not quite right. Should you be concerned?

Little in our lives stands still. Right or wrong, as people we continually learn and evolve. If you’re lucky, you’ll grow closer together over time. But know that staying the same over time is rare.

Each relationship is unique, and that is one of the reasons I love planning and coordinating weddings. I truly get to know each couple I work with and am surrounded by the glory of a couple committing to each other for life.

Still, if you are married for any length of time, stress and arguments are likely to creep in from time to time. Let’s look at some of the things that can start stressing you out.

Are you expecting too much, too soon?

Just the word ‘expectations’ can be a trigger and very dangerous to your relationship. After all, you didn’t commit to your partner because he was perfect; you committed to loving him for all of his imperfections, as well. You fell in love with the way they were, so let go of your expectations and enjoy every moment together.

Are you looking for that missing piece of your puzzle in someone else?

In the end, you are the only person responsible for your happiness. No one else can fill in your missing bits. Often, though, we look to others to fill our void. If you have done this before, you know that it comes back to haunt you; after a while you still feel empty and are likely to blame your new partner. Sound familiar?

Are you talking less?

Let’s face it - communication is a critical part of any relationship. Have you noticed that you are beginning to share your thoughts and feelings less? Perhaps you are worried about rejection or that they will become upset with you. Whatever is swirling around upstairs, open communication is the key to an awesome relationship. Talk about your struggles and worries but don’t be afraid to revel in the good times, as well.

Is your mind elsewhere?

Have you noticed neither of you pays much attention to what each other is saying or doing? Over time this will begin to gnaw at your relationship, and you can slip into roommate roles, rather than husband and wife.

Sure, it takes effort. But when you are fully present in your relationship you are not afraid to show some vulnerability. When you are preparing for a meaningful conversation, try focusing on your breathing and a successful outcome. Listen carefully to what your partner says without judgment.

Lastly, are you noticing that you are starting to lie?

Lying is all too easy today, and almost everyone is guilty of it at some point in a relationship. But lies are insidious - they eat at the heart of your relationship and cause grief and mistrust. In the end, you have no idea of who you are. Start by telling the whole truth today; honesty is like a breath of clean air for your relationship.

I hope each of these ideas will set you on the path to healing and happiness in your relationship.