Some Quick Tips for Designing Your Wedding Stationery

20670601 - group people at wedding outdoor. high angle view.Is it time to make some invitation decisions? Here are some tips for designing your wedding stationery. If you're like us, you probably melt over oh-so-pretty paper and super-personalization. A few months ago, we ran across Sara Fitz's paper creations and immediately fell in love with her work.

So how does she manage to tap into her couple's souls and capture the essence of their relationships on their invitations?

Tips for Designing Your Wedding Stationery To Reflect Your Relationship

Start with Your Venue

Let's face it - something stood out about your venue, or you wouldn't have chosen it, right? Whatever that special something is, try to capture or echo it in your stationery suite.

So whether you are getting married at a coastal location or city hotel, incorporating elements like illustrations, color scheme, or any other nuance can really tie everything together quite nicely.

Tips for Designing Your Wedding Stationery:  Add a fun Map

Although some of your guests will prefer their GPS to a map, you might change some minds with a creative map. Sure, go ahead and include the basics - local landmarks, ceremony, and reception spots - but also include something fun - like your favorite ice cream or sandwich shop can add some life to a boring old map.

Seasonal Ideas

Think about blending the elements of the season into your paper suite. Showcasing the elements of nature and seasonality can add a festive and stylish note to your special day. Don't be afraid to be creative!


The creative process of customizing your stationary collections is quintessentially personal, and you may want to choose to highlight some unique and significant element that holds personal significance. Wedding papers that reflect the couple's deep love for one another can definitely add a unique feel to their wedding paper suite.

Tips for Designing Your Wedding Stationery:  Inlcude Your Pets

Pets are cool again; many couples choose to include illustrations or pictures of their furry friends in their invitations, save the date notes, and reply cards.

This can be a very personal detail and will showcase just how important your pet is within your relationship and your family.


Do you and your betrothed share a hobby or other pastime? If so, designing your wedding stationery to reflect your shared interests can be a unique and utterly fun option. Think about sharing what you enjoy doing on the weekends together - it will subtly reflect your personalities.

And Finally, the Florals

Today flowers are a major design decision and play much larger roles in the overall wedding decor. Reflecting your floral choices in your wedding paper suite can provide and elegant and custom look.

Need help pulling everything together?  Make sure to book a consultation with us.


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