Ready to Plan Your Fall Wedding Bouquet? Here's the Low-Down on the Best Flowers and Colors.

0364 © 2016 Bowerbird Photography As the summer heat is being replaced by cool weather in Northern California, we are truly blessed to live in the most beautiful place to experience autumn. This is the best time to plan your fall wedding bouquet.

We are now looking forward to the holidays and the weddings we are assisting with are featuring fall color schemes of oranges, golds, browns, and even reds.

Let's face it - it's hard not to be inspired!

Is it time to think of your fall wedding bouquet?

Why not celebrate the season by diving into some fall-inspired creations:

  • Sunflowers are always a bright, cheery addition to any bouquet. They are both bright and cheerful and make a fabulous bouquet focal point. Why not keep it simple and craft your whole bouquet with just sunflowers? Or splash an accent of hypericum berries or spray roses.
  • Why not try mixing fresh hydrangea with dahlias, thistle, and dusty miller?
  • A lot of our brides this year loved dahlias and made them the focal point of their bouquet. A few ideas including pairing their dahlias with lush brown gum tree leaves and orange bittersweet berries. The berries perfectly accented the dahlias.

    Let Nature Inspire Your Fall Wedding Bouquet

  • What could be better in autumn than sweet autumn wild raspberries? It's a great central concept but can also work well as an accent if you include seeded eucalyptus, calla lilies, and columbine.
  • In the end, wildflowers work in bridal bouquets at any time of year. Let your creativity soar by mixing a blend of colors like dark purple, burgundy, and burnt orange?

    How About Some Romance For Your Fall Wedding Bouquet

  • The lesser known ranunculus is a gorgeous addition to any bridal bouquet and adds a romantic feel. Mix with snowberries, kangaroo paws, or even garden roses to capture the essence of autumn.
  • Have you considered succulents? These often underestimated florals can provide a stunning accent to any bridal bouquet. Pair them with garden roses, curly willow, and seeded eucalyptus to create an autumn fantasy look.
  • If none of the ideas above float your boat, try an old favorite like Gerber daisies, mini calla lilies, dahlias, freesias, and roses. The rich mix of fall colors will create a stunning bouquet.

Do you have a favorite autumn flower? Whatever your favorite colors and flowers, we can help you create the perfect fall wedding Bouquet.


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