5 Awesome Reasons You Should Have a Wedding Rehearsal

Reasons You Should Have a Wedding RehearsalThe top 5 reasons you should have a wedding rehearsal

You want everything for the Big day to run smoothly, right? Do you believe that practice makes perfect? The day of the wedding can be hurried and nerve racking for everyone so why not calm the wedding day jitters with these 5 reasons you should have a wedding rehearsal.

This is the first time you are getting married and there are a lot of uncertainties. As a wedding planner, I will lead the rehearsal so every part of your wedding party knows exactly what to do and what to expect.

Timing is very important.

There will be cues for everything so that your wedding happens as it is supposed to.

A wedding rehearsal is a practice for the real thing. The entire bridal party will be taught how to walk, when to walk, the speed in which to walk, and even where to stand. This helps to get everyone on the same page.

Here are 5 reasons you should have a wedding rehearsal:

1.  Avoiding a late wedding party. On the unconscious level, practice makes everyone more comfortable. Practice makes something a priority. The groom’s party is known to be notoriously late in some weddings.

A rehearsal lets them know just how valuable timing is on everything. It also helps for everyone to know exactly where the venue is to avoid getting lost at the last minute.

2.  Walking with bouquets.   Nothing ruins a beautiful picture more than cleavage flowers. You want style, sophistication and grace. This means walking with your flowers at crotch level.

Hold your elbows in a way that creates a diamond shape with your elbows and the curve of your waist. This takes practice!

3.  Children in the wedding party. Children do best when they know what is expected of them. If you give them free reign, you might not like the consequences.

It’s been my experience that children do best when they can practice their part.

Some of the adorableness of children is their spontaneity and their own twist on things, but a rehearsal will make sure those quirks are still within acceptable wedding behavior.

4.  Finding areas of your vows you may stumble through. Whether you are repeating the officiate or saying your vows, you want a run through in front of people to make sure every word comes out smoothly.

In a high stress situation, brides or grooms will often stumble over a word. This is the time for any last minute changes to avoid the stress of possibly stumbling over your words.

5.  Walking to avoid tripping on your dress. This is a nightmare by every bride; tripping while she is walking down the aisle. Wear a long dress at your rehearsal.

When you stick your leg out to walk, wait until your dress falls back to your leg before stepping down. You will never risk stepping on your dress and tripping with this technique.

Did this list convince you that there are reasons you should have a wedding rehearsal?

There is a lot to control and teach at a wedding rehearsal. I handle all of this so you don’t have to. Click here to schedule a wedding consultation with me.



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