Remember Gratitude is Still a Virtue on Your Big Day

Bride gratitiudeSure, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of your big day and forget about the little things. But never forget the singular power of two words - “Thank you” and have gratitude for the people around you.


After all, entitlement isn’t particularly pretty, but a gracious bride is a beautiful thing, indeed.

That being said, today anybody that agrees to be in a wedding certainly understands there’s a monetary component to standing by the bride in the wedding.

What used to be as simple as buying a dress has evolved into a list of expenses that can put a serious dent in almost any bank account.

Bridal gratitude for her squad

As of 2013, reported that the average cost of stepping into a bridesmaid role would set you back over $1,600. Add to this the new trends of weekend bachelorette parties and a plethora of other bridal expectations and we expect this figure to go significantly higher in future surveys.

A simple evening party years ago has transformed, for many bridal parties, into a full-on vacation to a tropical beach or a week in Vegas.

The trend is all about fun, but when you stop to consider the expenses, it can add up fast.

Gratitude helps nix bride stress

It's easy to become disillusioned - dresses that cost 300+ dollars and can only be worn once, the hair and makeup expense, and helping to pay the spa day for the bride…it has left more than one bridal party member wonder if it will all be worth it.

However, the nicer you are to people.  The more gratitude you have for the ones helping you, the more happy help you will receive in return.  The more eager help you have from your braids maids, the less pressure and stress you will have.  they can be a wonderful help to you during this time.

Not all brides who are stressed are ungracious and entitled. It's important to understand that everyone will be under tremendous stress and so will the people around you.  It is always important to express gratitude.

It will help you to manage your expectations and handle others with care and respect, even when they may not be as respectful or understanding to you.

I can help you with your stress management.  Don't let stress come between you and your loved ones. Book a consultation with me and let's see how we can work together.

This is a really funny spoof on bridezilla.  There is some truth to what he is saying.  The moral? Be kind.  Have gratitude.

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