How To Rock Your Themed Wedding

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Let's face it - becoming engaged is an exhilarating time in anyone's life. That being said, it can also be a boatload of stress because of all the demands of your time.

I designed this blog to take the worry out of wedding planning. We post on a variety of wedding topics every day and will soon be launching a newsletter chock full of handy tips for anyone one planning a wedding. If you have any questions about our wedding planning and coordinating services, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Why Not A Harry Potter Inspired Wedding Idea?

Sure, Halloween may be over, but our nationwide craze with vampires and zombies goes on year-round. I will let you in on a little secret - many of our couples have planned Halloween-themed weddings in the summer, spring, and winter.

So if the idea of a creatively themed wedding appeals to both of you, here are some tips to get you started.

Nail Down the Theme Early and Stick To It.

Weddings are unique regarding design concepts. For example, weddings are more theme-specific than other design concepts. The only limitation is your imagination! We have worked with Great Gatsby, Halloween, Bohemian, English Country Garden, and the trendy Rustic Chic themes and can tell you every wedding is unique. The trick is to pick a theme that inspires and reflects you as a couple.

Get Into Your Theme.

While your wedding planner may be crafting your theme, helping make the theme oh-so-perfect is fun for you as a couple, too. Why not do some research? Thinking of an English Tea Party theme, for example? Find out when high tea time is and make certain you serve some high-end Earl Grey to your guests. Another tip: provide informational cards on your reception tables explaining your theme.

Pay Attention to Every Detail.

It isn’t just the centerpieces and attire that make the theme come to life; rather it’s the small details that often make the most impact. Think of things like your cake topper, your chair ties, napkin rings, and your wedding stationary. Every detail should be coordinated with your overall theme.

Get your Guests Excited About It.

Let your guests know about your theme as early as possible. Reveal your intentions in your engagement announcement or in your wedding website. Encourage your guests to participate in your theme with appropriate attire.

Consider Your Menu.

Sure, your wedding cake design should absolutely fit within your theme. But have you considered theme specific food and drinks? Discuss your options with your planner or caterer early on in the planning process. Consider talking with your favorite bartender about creating a special cocktail that will compliment your theme.

Plan Surprises.

And this is the best part - coming up with creative and fun surprises for your guests. Having a medieval theme? Why not add in a real jousting match? Or maybe a visit from some realistic-looking zombies in your Halloween wedding. The choices are endless!

Are you planning a themed wedding? Let us know about it in the comments!