7 Tech Wedding Ideas for Napa and Sonoma County Weddings

Happy National Techies Month to all the soon to be Napa and Sonoma County Weddings! We bet you didn't know it was a thing! We forgive you - but now it's time to let your inner geek out and celebrate all the cool devices and techs-stuff in our lives. If you are getting married, your inner geek may be looking for ideas on how to blend your favorite technology as a convenience for your guests on your big day. As always, we have some thoughts along these lines!

Here are the best ideas for tech inspired Napa and Sonoma County Weddings:

1. Virtual hair and makeup trial runs.

modiface-makeup-appYes, you read it correctly. It is now possible to visualize yourself in any trendy hair and makeup combination through the magic of the web.

And sure, you can still get inspiration from wedding magazines and Pinterest, but the real deal is using one of the many virtual makeover sites now available.

2. Charging stations at Napa and Sonoma County Weddings:

chargeupThis seems like common sense, but how many weddings provide charging stations with different cords for all types of devices?

We knew we had to keep the wedding guests happy so we recently created a rustic chic wedding in Sonoma and crafted a steampunk inspired charging box.


3. 3-D printed gifts and cake toppers:

3dprintcaketopperBy now you probably know about 3D printing tech, which enables you to mix all kinds of materials into some spectacular designs.

But did you know couples are now using this tech to 3D print custom bracelets, luggage tags, or even an awesome cake topper with their image?


4. GoPros at Napa and Sonoma County Weddings

While GoPro cameras are nothing new, couples are now becoming more creative with their placement. Why not stash a GoPro in your bridal bouquet or on your officiant?

We are super creative and will help you to have the most unique and fun wedding ever!

5. Satellite robot bars.

Why not add arobotbar dash of sci-fi to your wedding? Yes, robot bars are now a thing and are trending all over the wedding space here in Northern California.

These are single serve devices that dispense your signature cocktail, wine, or beer. Best of all? The robot doesn't care about tips!

6. GIF photo booths.

Sure, photo booths are now a staple at most Napa and Sonoma County weddings we plan now. But there is a new trend - animated GIF's!  These double the fun and can be automatically posted on your wedding website and social media channels in real-time.

7. A Ringly.

If you're like us and addicted to your smartphone, consider adding a Ringly to your personal tech arsenal. This unique device looks like jewelry and connects to your smartphone. It will softly vibrate when you receive a call or text. Finally! You can enjoy your experience without feeling disconnected.

Have any other great tech wedding ideas? Reach out to us and let's geek out together!

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