Sonoma Wedding Cakes

Sonoma Wedding CakesSonoma Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is a big part of the wedding, but so often it goes very wrong. Either the cake doesn’t taste good or it is not all that you envisioned. I thought I’d give you some inspiration with these Sonoma wedding cakes.

How To Pick The Best Sonoma Wedding Cakes

Choosing a wedding cake has to be one of the best wedding planning experiences. Why? Samples of course!

You get to taste test some of the most beautiful and hopefully yummy cakes in Sonoma. It may be the one time you have the complete green light to eat cake!

After you have chosen the style of your wedding, it’s time to start selecting a baker and designing your cake. I’m sure your hubby to be wouldn’t mind being a part of this stage in wedding planning. We work with many couples to choose their cake.

If your wedding is formal, you will probably be shown tiered cakes. If your wedding is more casual, play around with shapes and even slightly tinted colors.

Your inspiration can be your location, fashion, your menu or even nature. If we are helping you plan a winery wedding, you will probably opt for a wedding cake that reflects the natural venue.

The Cake Inside The Most Delicious Sonoma Weddings Cakes

It’s true that an overly sweet or overly fatty frosting can ruin a cake, but it is the cake itself that truly matters.

Do you want a light vanilla flavor? How about a hint of violet or lemon? Have you considered a fruit filling? Or a thin ribbon layer of whipped cream filling?

When we sit down with our world class bakers, I will make sure you have exactly what you want.

Photo Gallery of Sonoma Wedding Cakes

I know this is really the reason you came to this page. Let your eyes be inspired!

Sonoma Wedding Cakes .

Sonoma Wedding Cakes.......

Sonoma Wedding Cakes....

Sonoma Wedding Cakes

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Sonoma Wedding Cakes 2

In case you need more inspiration!  Contact me to get the best of the best wedding cake designers and negotiating with the cake maker.  Watch the video below to find the best tips on choosing your wedding cake.

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