All the Stuff You Need Know About Your Bachelor Party

what-really-happens-at-bachelor-partyA bachelor party is typically thrown about a month before the wedding. At it's essence, a bachelor party is the celebration of a guy's single life before he gets hitched.

Planning a bachelor party

This is often complicated but try to keep the bigger picture in mind by remembering to pick activities that suits the husband-to-be's personality.

Maybe he's an avid golfer and dreams of spending a day on his favorite course. Or perhaps he has a favorite restaurant or tavern?

If you have been chosen to plan and throw your friend's bachelor party and are just starting to realize the massive amount of planning and the time involved, we're here to help.

Bachelor party with a hashtag

Create a hashtag for the party right away so you can upload photos on the fly and keep them in one place. When the party is over and you start feeling nostalgic, just pull up the hashtag and laugh your way through the antics of the weekend.

Groom-to-be involvement in the bachelor party

You'll want to get the groom-to-be involved early. Set up a meeting and get a feel for what he is wanting in his bach party - is he more of a booze and cruise type, or perhaps he is an outdoorsy type?

Once you know what he wants in terms of a party, it's time to find the perfect venue and determine who he wants to invite. Although it's most common to invite close friends, groomsmen, and extended family, it's ultimately up to the groom-to-be who is to be invited.

Just make sure you get the names and telephone numbers of everyone the groom would like to celebrate with so you don’t end up forgetting people.

Should a bachelor party have a budget?

Yes!  While it's tempting to let loose, keep your eye on the bigger picture; your wedding and future.  Now it's time to figure out a working budget by talking with the groomsmen and other guests. Try making a Facebook group so you can easily keep everyone up to date and go over how much everyone can spend.

Consider the date for the bachelor party

Working out a budget is most likely the hardest part of planning a bachelor's party, but don't underestimate the time and effort it will take to get everyone to settle on a date. It may simply be impossible to pick a date range that works for everyone, so you might have to explore other options that a multi-day bender.

Find a location and book hotels

Congrats! By this time you have confirmed the budget details with everyone and picked a date. Now it becomes real - you'll need to pick the actual destination venue. If you are going out of town, you may need to enlist the help of a travel agency to book a block of rooms. But don't feel that you have to plan an out of town shindig - the groom's hometown probably offers a wealth of destinations and activities.

Great bachelor party playlist

Why not create a custom bach party playlist? You can fire it up throughout the weekend while in the car or use it as motivation when getting the gang excited about going out.

Finally, stock the fridge

The last thing on your list, and also one of the most important - stocking up your fridge. If you are planning a barbecue you will want to make certain you have all the sauces and side dishes to make your grilling a success. And don't forget to lay in a supply of your buddy's fave drink!

Btw.... we can help you plan your bachelor party and bachelorette party (and everything in between).  Click here for a consultation.

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