Do You Suffer From Wedding Stress?

Wedding Stress Are you newly engaged?  Congratulations!

You are probably feeling very excited right now.  There is so much to do to plan a wedding. Because you want everything to be perfect, the choices can be overwhelming.

Our focus is taking the stress and overwhelm off of you so wedding planning can be the fun and exciting experience it should be.

How We Help You To Be Wedding Stress Free

Our company is Extraordinary Weddings.  Why are we named that?  Because we create extraordinary weddings that you will always remember.

We are based in northern California and our focus is to give you everything you need to feel inspired, excited and ready for this special day.

Weaving fun into planning is our favorite way to keep wedding stress at bay!  We are fun to work with, and we take the burden of wedding stress off of you!

We treat each wedding like it is unique – because it is!  You will never receive a cookie cutter approach that often makes wedding planning dull and lackluster.

Your wedding is your day to celebrate your love and experience a ton of once in a lifetime happy moments.

We get very creative once we hear your dreams and goals.  We love to create weddings that keep guests talking for years to come.  When we know that we have created lasting memories for your guests too, we know we have done a good job.

Wedding stress often overshadows all the exciting things to do and enjoy before the happy day.  We help you to stay focused on the experience and not the stressful details.

Ready To See What We Have To Offer You?

Call us.  A member of our fantastic team will always be on hand to greet you.  We’ve assembled the best people that are dedicated to making sure you feel happy and confident.

Next, check out our blog.  Our blog was created to answer real questions and solve real problems that couples have experienced when dealing with wedding planning.

Our focus is to move you away from wedding stress and into wedding bliss.

Avoid Wedding Stress With Our Process

When you work with us, we will help to craft the perfect wedding theme for your ceremony.  We are flexible and can design any wedding theme you want.

  • Do you want an ultra chic affair?
  • Or do you dream of a cultural celebration?
  • How about a lively rustic shindig?

Whatever you are dreaming about, we can make happen.  We have connections and vendor relationships to provide the support your wedding will need.

Even if you become scared or feel a touch of wedding stress, we are here to help you and ease your fears!

Our planning team has the experience and creativity to offer a plethora of great advice and tips.  With our perfect combination of vendors, we can help you manage your budget in a stress-free way.

Warning:  We are a tad obsessed with food and stationary!

After your dream venue and oh-so-perfect wedding photographer has been booked, we will create a plan for your ceremony.  This is the point that we get everyone on the same page.

Ready For Dress Up?

We have connections to the most fabulous wedding collections in the area.  This includes world-class designers and bridal salons.

We promise to inspire you with feminine textures, sexy silhouettes and exquisite fabrics.   We will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

The bride is not the only one that benefits from our collections.  We have suits and utter flair for the groom.

We are avid trend hunters and can weave the latest accessories into your ceremony.  If you want tradition, we will work with timeless collections for hair and jewelry.

We are passionate about finding your perfect hairstyle and wowing you with dazzling manicures, glowing skin and show-stopping make-up.

We will always be there for you. 

We are always as close as a phone call or text away.  You have access to use every day, wherever you are when inspiration hits.

We won’t let wedding stress get the best of you!

Call us right now to start your dream journey!

Ready to plan your fall wedding bouquet?