The New Trend: No Engagement Rings

No Engagement Rings

No engagement rings?

Sure, tradition has it that an engagement ring symbolizes one has entered into a serious commitment and the next step in your relationship - but it’s becoming more common that newly engaged couples aren’t into it. The reason? There are many, but for many it’s simply because some people just aren’t into showing off their sparkles.

So is it insane not to want an engagement ring? Of course not! Whatever your reasoning, if you’re opposed to the idea, it’s still your choice. We’ve compiled a list of reasons we’ve heard for your consideration below.

Reasons people choose no engagement rings

The very thought of a "Blood Diamond” is horrible.

Yes, we’ve all seen the movie and diamond runners are still a major issue. If you want to be certain, you are not fueling conflict and dirty money, perhaps not wearing a diamond is a sound, ethical decision.

The good news? Back in 2002, the UN resolved to adopt the Kimberly Process Certification, which all member countries must follow to ensure their diamonds are mined in a legitimate and humane way. If you buy a diamond, your jeweler should provide you with this certificate. If they won’t, buy elsewhere.

Diamond mining causes environmental issues

Diamond mining has many different incarnations, some of which have a greater impact on our environment. Mining companies routinely dam and divert rivers and dig up land used by wildlife. Still, there is some hope - Canada, for example, enjoys a sterling reputation for producing diamonds in accord with environmental regulations.

You can find Canadian diamonds at Tiffany & Co - they source only from mining companies that have adopted environmentally sound practices.

Diamonds are priced artificially high

A simple Google search provides a wealth of information about the sordid history of diamond mining - including making false claims to scarcity. That being said, diamonds are very expensive and are set to increase in price shortly.

You’re not into bling

Maybe you’re just not into wearing jewelry - and that’s ok. Add to that the high price tag, and perhaps you’d rather save your money for the honeymoon. Experiences versus material things, right?

Just an aside, there are plenty of other ways to show your commitment and love - some brides are choosing tattoos or other forms of jewelry such as a simple band.

No Engagement RingsMaybe you just don’t want to wear a ring

Sure, we hear you. Why don’t men wear engagement rings? Some do now.

Maybe you prefer to keep your commitments more private and prefer to wear bands only after the wedding.

But then again, men are starting to come around, and some are sporting engagement rings - especially in celebrity circles. Who can forget Johnny Depp’s mangagement ring when he was engaged to Amber Heard?

No engagement rings may sound better to you than a mangagement ring. 


Maybe it’s not your first marriage, and it simply doesn’t feel right to wear another engagement ring.

Sure, it’s totally understandable if you want to keep things quieter on your second marriage.

You have to listen to your feelings, and if that’s what you truly want - well, go for it! Just make sure to discuss the issue with your partner and make sure you are both on the same page.

In the end, all of these concerns are completely legit - but the majority of women are still sporting their engagement rings. After all, you’re not getting married for the ring, right? And just the fact that you are getting married is pretty awesome, right?

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