The Top 10 Hidden Wedding Costs

The Top 10 Hidden Wedding Costs Maybe you've sat down and created a comprehensive, soup-to-nuts budget for your wedding. Regardless of who figured it all out, keep in mind that no budget is perfect and hidden wedding costs can sneak up on you quickly.

Even the best wedding plans can go awry with hidden wedding costs

For example, did you think about to cost of wedding dress alterations? Or did you double-check with your coordinator if cake cutting was included in your contract?

Here we present some of the most common hidden wedding costs to keep in mind when you are planning your special day.

Top Hidden Wedding Costs


As wedding invitations became bigger and heavier, the cost to mail them went up as well. Many contemporary invitations can command a $2-$3 postage investment for each invitation.

Sure, it’s not going to be your biggest wedding expense, but you probably aren’t expecting a $400 postage bill.

And don’t forget about thank-you notes!


As we mentioned earlier, alterations are rarely considered when planning a wedding. The new trend is to buy a once-worn gown or to use a family member’s vintage dress.

And sure - while a simple hem will typically run $75, fixing beading or moving zippers can be much more expensive.

Entertainment Hours

We’ve all been to weddings where the band just kept playing late into the night. But as the host of your wedding, you should know that the wedding venue and the band or DJ will charge you (often in 15-minute increments) for playing later than agreed.

Welcome-Bag Delivery

While some couples will task their wedding planner with delivering their welcome bags, others assume they can just give their bags to the front desk of the hotel, and they will take care of it.

Be aware, though that some hotels will charge up to $7 per bag for delivery - which can add up quickly.


As the country becomes more environmentally aware, brides are starting to realize that selecting out-of-season flowers for the wedding are a dreadful idea.

Not only is it decidedly environmentally-unfriendly, but also it’s also hugely expensive because the flowers have to be imported. Choosing seasonal and local wedding florals is just smarter.


Yes, it’s still a thing - your staff, performers, and planner will expect a tip if they did a great job on your wedding. And with tips now running north of 20% of the original billing, this can also add up quickly.

Cake Cutting Cost

Sure, maybe you think baking your wedding cake is more romantic and will save some money along the way.

But most wedding venues today have an in-house pastry chef or a preferred cake company…which translates into a cost-per-cut fee when it comes time to cut your cake. Expect anywhere from $2-$7 dollars per slice.

Dinner Rentals

If you have a professional wedding planner and coordinator on board, you can skip this step. If not, make sure you have read and reread your reception space agreement.

Does your space include decor items like china, tables, chairs, and flatware? If not, rental arrangements must be made, and this particular line item is expensive - chairs, for example, typically run between $2 and $20 each. Delivery is the real killer, though, averaging $500.

Set Up Costs

Making your vision of your wedding into reality isn’t cheap. Make sure you include setup fees for floral, sound equipment, and general decor items.

Your Backup Plan

Every couple considering an outdoor wedding should be factoring in a backup plan into their plans, because weather can and does happen. Make sure you have a tent or indoor backup space and factor the cost into your budget.

Don't be sad over the thought of hidden wedding costs

In the end, these hidden wedding costs can be easily factored into your budget or eliminated entirely with the help of an experienced planner and coordinator.  Not only that, I can help you save money!

So keep this checklist handy as you go through the wedding planning process - and be upfront and honest with your wedding planner about your budget.

Experienced, well-connected planners can often negotiate significant savings for their couples, and have someone on your team who has your back on your big day just makes sense.

Contact us today by scheduling a consultation to help you with your wedding.

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