Include Your Guy In The Wedding Planning Process With These Six Tips

The Wedding Planning Process

The Wedding Planning Process And Your Guy

Let's face it - two people are getting married, right? Both should be weighing in on their wants and needs for the wedding planning process. But what if your intended simply can't or won't talk to you about his wedding ideas? Make certain he feels just as satisfied as you do on that big day by recognizing these six universal guy truths.

The Rules of The Wedding Planning Process

1. Make sure his voice is heard from the start. After all, you're in this together - and that means working with your planner together. That's not saying you will both have equal input on every decision!

Your wedding planner will provide you with a comprehensive list of decisions and tasks to complete - so divvy up the work and trust him to complete his portion of the tasks.

2.  Let him add some style to the wedding! Sure, he's a dreamboat in his tux, but if your guy has a quirky sense of style, why not let him express himself? Think brightly patterned socks, gonzo cufflinks, or even an oh-so-fun pair of boxer shorts.

Or maybe a bolder dash of chutzpah - perhaps a fun tie or pocket square? These mini-shots of style and color will allow him to express his personality without detracting from the overall vision of the wedding.

3.  A little extra patience and respect for his guests - including those rowdy classmates from back in the day.

And certainly you don't want your rowdier guests knocking over your grandma on the dance floor.Try this: save your plum tables for close family and the wedding party, but also set his friends in a similar spot in the room - maybe next to the bar. This will show your guy your respect for his friend is high, and also, give them a chance to mingle.

A moment or two that are all his. And the best time? Why not let him go crazy with the rehearsal dinner by letting him barbecue, organize lawn games, or even wine tasting - whatever floats his boat.

4.  Allow him some wardrobe freedom at a certain point in the evening. Suggest, for example, that he ditch his tie after all the formal photos are taken - because hey, it's time to party.

5.  Let him make some of the decisions with your sendoff transportation. Even if your beau is not car-crazy, he's likely to be more than a little giddy at the idea of exiting the wedding in a flashy, memorable cloud of pure style.

Maybe it's a powerful speedboat, vintage Rolls Royce, or even an old milk truck - no matter what you have in mind, he'll be all smiles in the pictures right before the send off if he knows the ride is going to be extraordinary.

This is his wedding too.

Make sure you include him in the wedding planning process.

I love working with couples that are equal decision makers.  I love to see the bond that grows from the planning. Grab your soon-to-be-hubby and book a consultation with me.  I can help you tie in both of your ideas to have the weeding you both want!

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