All the Things You Should Stop Asking Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer If you think about it, a wedding photographer is carrying around a lot of responsibility. Not only do they need do an awe-inspiring job of picture taking, they have to figure out - on the fly - how to be in the perfect spot to capture some of the most significant moments in your life.

We talked to some of our photographers and they all agreed: brides and grooms sometimes have unrealistic expectations that often leave them disappointed down the road. Below are the questions a wedding photographer could do without ever hearing again.

Asking A Wedding Photographer for Replicas of Styled Shoots

It happens every day - newly engaged couples begin searching Pinterest for interesting wedding photos to get ideas. The problem? Many, if not most, of the most pinned wedding photographs on Pinterest are the products of styled shoots where almost everything - including lighting, weather, and location are controlled elements.

The other issue is time - in a styled shoot, you can retake photographs of the same scene endlessly until you find the perfect shot.

But let’s assume you found a real wedding that resonates with your style. Do you share it with your photographer? Tread carefully. Photographers are artists, after all, and no self-respecting artist wants to copy the work of others.

Asking A Wedding Photographer for All the Raw Files from Your Wedding

Although a lot of photographers advertise their services, two of the most common ways they find new clients is by social media and word-of-mouth referrals. In other words, they genuinely want their customers to be raving about their work to their friends and on social media.

So why in the world would they ever purposely withhold a stunning shot of your wedding? By doing so, they are only hurting their own business.

Asking A Wedding Photographer for Elegant, Well-Lighted Portraits After A Sunset Ceremony

It’s a common request, and who could blame you? Everybody, after all, seems to want to hitch their knot in front of a glowing sunset.

Still, consider your options here - after all, how important are the photographs going to be years down the road?

Give your photographer a break and ensure you have consistent, natural light for all the wedding shots by moving the ceremony to a couple of hours before sunset.

Asking A Wedding Photographer to Photoshop a Lot of Your Pictures

One of the most common request wedding photographers we hear is to make, somehow, the bride more beautiful and the groom more handsome. Specifically, they hear about whitening teeth, fixing facial hair and even digital tummy tucks.

The photographers we spoke to agreed; not only is such mass manipulation expensive, but it’s also doing more harm than good. T

he point is to be mindfully comfortable with yourself and your wedding day. Some day your memory of this event will start to fade - so your only reference will be your wedding pictures and video. So shouldn’t your photos be packed with truth and raw emotion?

Asking your Wedding Photographer for Drone Photography

Sure, it’s sexy and hot - and drones are making waves in a lot of photography and video genres. Still, you need to consider that they tend to be noisy and a distraction for your guests. Do you want people looking at the flying gadget or your wedding vows?

Drone wedding photography is becoming very popular and who knows how far this trend will go.  If you or your hubby-to-be are tech nuts, go for it, we have photographers that can give the drone wedding photography shots that you want.  Book a consultation with us here.


In the end, your wedding day is going to be exciting, romantic, and completely overwhelming. Your brain will be on overload; you will not have a clear focus on your photography requirements and will need to trust your photographer.

If you have a list of must-have family portraits, give it directly to your photographer or coordinator. After all, you will have only one day to get all the perfect shots - there is no do-over.

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