Think a Winter Wedding Isn’t Your Thing? Think Again!

winter wedding

Winter Wedding Bliss

Not everyone dreams of a June wedding, right? For all the right reasons, a winter wedding is becoming a trendier and more popular wedding season.

Think pristine snow covered scenery and white mountaintops as a spectacular backdrop to your big day. Still, there is a stigma surrounding winter weddings, and we’re here today to dispel some of the top winter wedding untruths.

We are dispelling the winter wedding misconceptions!

Winter Weddings Call For A Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Sure, a long sleeve wedding gown might make more sense in wintry weather – but it’s also a huge design trend for summer brides for 2016.

If it’s more than a bit chilly outside, chances are you won’t be out there for very long, so it’s absolutely up to you if you go sleeveless, strapless, or just tea length.

If you’re sensitive to the cold, try sneaking warm tights on underneath your wedding dress, or throw on a wrap.

Winter Weddings Call For Special Flowers

Back in the day, winter wedding brides were extremely limited in their floral options; poinsettias or nothing. Today, floral choices abound year round; tulips, daisies, and roses are readily available at a reasonable price.

Still, if your style choice ranges to the more exotic floral arrangements, all hope is not lost – you’ll just have to up your ante in your floral budget.

You might want to forego an outdoor wedding

Let’s face facts: weather is simply trickier in the wintertime. Yet modern tent covers and heat lamps can do wonders if your heart is set on an outdoor winter wedding. And remember, we have relatively mild winters here in Napa/Sonoma.

Just be polite and provide your guests with a weather forecast for the day of your ceremony on your wedding website or by email / text. It’s also a good idea to provide hot drinks and even shawls just before the ceremony. Big bonus: what about a sleigh ride to your reception?

All of your pictures will be inside.

Absolutely not. If you have chosen an exceptionally cold and snowy venue, it can certainly cut down on the time you spend on outdoor photography. But why not get creative with the time you have? Don some gloves, a cute coat, and fashion-forward winter boots and go for those playful shots staged in the snow.

Your guests won't like going to a winter wedding.

Well, not so much. It turns out that people are usually relieved when they receive a winter wedding invitation – it means one less wedding to plan for during the busy summertime months. And if you are having a destination wedding someplace warm and sunny, it’s a bonus.

The food won't taste as good as summer fare.

Just like flowers, there is a huge misconception out there that only spring and summer can translate into a fresh, delicious reception spread. And sure, you might be somewhat limited, but there is plenty of off-season choices available.

Plus, there is nothing better than comfort foods in the winter – think mac and cheese bites or a cheesy mashed potato bar.

You have to stick to a winter wonderland theme.

We have all been to winter-wonderland themed weddings, right? It seems so obvious and natural, but there’s no fixed rule. Sure, nothing trumps a white color palette and candlelight in terms of ambiance, you can get more creative and have a stunning winter wedding.

Think of burgundy and emerald – or twist it up with celadon and poppy as your primary hues.

Even if you live some place warm and want to marry there, consider having a winter themed wedding.  A very talented wedding planner can make that happen for you.

If you're looking for a wedding planner, I'd love to work with you.  Click here to book a consultation with me.

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