It's Time for Your Wedding Dress Fitting - So Relax and Enjoy with Our Tips.

alterations1 Ok, you’re ready to pick the style of your wedding dress and are beyond excited. Still, going to various fittings and watching your beloved dress being altered can be a little disturbing. We feel you, our dear brides! So here are our tips for rocking your wedding dress adventure here in Napa and Sonoma counties.

Tips for Amping Up Your Wedding Dress Fitting.

1. Bring along someone you trust

Most likely you had a large group of family and friends help you shop for your wedding gown, but far fewer will be attending your fitting. Invite one or two people you trust and know will be supportive and helpful. Make certain they understand they are your moral support and that they don’t confuse you with their personal ideas. Rather, their role is to sit back and offer guidance when needed. Remember also to bring your wedding shoes and undergarments.

2. Know what look you want

In the end, you are the only person who knows what you want your wedding gown to look like after it is properly fitted. It will take patience -dressfitting1 fitting is a notoriously slow process, so try not to lose your calm. Yes, there is a plethora of work to be done to your wedding gown, but eventually, your dress will be perfect for your Napa or Sonoma wedding theme.

3. Once again, don’t panic

You’re at the point of putting on your treasured fitted gown for the first time. It is likely it will not fit perfectly at this stage, so try to remain calm. There is a lot of work still to be done to make it perfect, but eventually, you will see your vision come to life. If you have been following our advice, you initially ordered a larger size wedding dress, so your tailor has plenty of fabric to work with.

4. Issues with your hemline.

Hemlines are almost always a nuisance - after all, they have to be perfect for walking down the aisle without tripping, mingling with guests, and dancing the night away. Do you have a pair of wedding shoes you want to flaunt? Make certain your alteration specialist knows the hem should graze, not sweep the floor.

5. Prepare yourself for last minute alterations

Let’s face it - wedding preparations, like fitting your wedding gown, are stressful. And what happens when we’re stressed? Weight gain or loss. For that reason, you should schedule your final fitting 8-10 days before your big day.

6. Try to Chill

Whether you are a relaxed bride to be or are feeling things are a little out of control, last minute alterations can cause a boatload of stress. Try to keep calm and put your trust in the people you picked to work with you. Remember to step back a little and enjoy the process - all of this part of your wedding, you know.