Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Style

wedding styleOne of the most fun parts of any wedding is choosing your wedding style and theme. Pinterest and Instagram are full of fabulous ideas, but it’s easy to get lost in the millions of images.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Style

Step One: Carefully consider you, your partner, and your relationship

Most couples will choose a wedding style that reflects something important to the two of you.

Think about your love story - what brought you together in the first place? What do you like to do together? Do you have any special places you enjoy together?

Whether it’s hiking or lazing on the beach, styles can be developed from almost any aspect of your life or relationship.

Step Two: Be specific when choosing your wedding style

Let’s face it - spend enough time with Instagram or Pinterest and your head will be spinning with possible ideas. Make sure you take some time to step away from your screen and talk it over with your partner.

It may take a while, but try to walk away with at least a couple of themes that excite both of you.

Step Three: Build the dream

Once you have narrowed down your possible themes to two or three, it’s time to gather invitation samples, fabric swatches, and pictures and lay them out on your table. Or simply use an app like PicMonkey and go all digital. Once you can visualize all your different elements, making your choices will become far easier.

To get you started, here are some ideas from recent weddings we have planned and coordinated:

Choosing your wedding style with Elegant Romance

To bring a feel of sweet romanticism to your wedding, think of full, sweeping florals in tones like ivory and blush. Or switch things up a bit with a warm, rich burgundy.

Take your neutral shades to the next level by blending rose gold flatware, vintage pressed glass and patterned china. Finally, crank it down a notch by bringing in hand-painted signage and soft, glowing candle clusters.

Or Rustic Chic

This classic outdoors inspired them is achieved by bringing in colors and textures from your venue environment. When choosing your wedding style in rustic chic, think flowing greenery, rich, soft whites, and rich dark browns. Complete the look with wooden farm tables and other farm colors - try a mixed metallic for fun.

Hollywood Glam wedding style is always trendy

This is a theme of timeless glamor and elegance and can by achieved with a clean color palette that is enhanced by unique details.

Try white, black and gold as a starting point and use classic china with fabulous gilded edges. To round out the theme, serve a delicate vintage champagne and pair with white blooms to achieve a romantic look and feel. 

Whatever your wishes when you choose a wedding style, we are here to make that a reality.  There are so many benefits to working with us.  I'd love for you to read through my website and see what I have to offer you.  We receive raving reviews and I promise, you will have the same results!

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