8 Tips for Planning an Amazing Wedding

front5All weddings should be amazing, but sometimes inspiration is needed to really think outside the box. Our tips for planning an amazing wedding will help give you some ideas about your big day. Sure, we have all seen the videos on YouTube of couples making a splashy entrance to their reception and choreographed dancing.

If you're ready to make a style statement at your wedding, don't worry - we've got you covered with these eight tips.

Best Tips For Planning an Amazing Wedding

1. Make a big entrance. Amp up your WOW factor by planning an awesome arrival to the ceremony or reception. We've worked weddings where the couples have arrived in hot-air balloons and helicopters. We've heard of another couple who arrived by elephant and are dying to do this for one of our future brides.

2. Add some pieces of flair to your attire. Whether you are leaning towards a hip, retro-style suit or a fashionable and trendy gown, the proper attire is guaranteed to turn heads! And don't forget you have the option to change into something oozing with style and elegance for the reception.

Special Tips for Planning an Amazing Wedding

3. Your vows. This is the moment everyone is waiting for, so don't let them down. Try crafting personal views that will make the audience laugh and cry. Never forget this is a once in a lifetime moment.

4. Your venue. There is no shortage of fantastic wedding venues in Northern California, from vintage theaters, rustic bards, and stunning vineyards. Just pick something that will amaze your guests!

Personal Tips for Planning an Amazing Wedding

5. Lighting. The lighting is often more of an afterthought, but there is so much you can do with it. We have used custom lighting solutions to change the entire look of our wedding venues. We've strung twinkly lights liberally across reception areas to make it seem like a fairy garden. And who can forget large letter marquees? They can add a Hollywood feel to any wedding.

6. Your wedding cake. Your wedding cake is a natural focal point of your reception, so go big. Try intricate and elegant piping or have a superhero breaking out of it, but don't settle for anything less that utterly awesome.

7. Go YouTube! Take time to learn a choreographed dance with your wedding party. Hey - you only get to live one life, so why not do it with some style? And who doesn't want to go viral?

8. Your exit. Why night arrange for a grand finale exit with a stylish rented sports car while a few fireworks go off in the background? Or better yet, rent a Vespa or sail off into the sunset on a sailboat from one of our beautiful beaches.

Watch this video for a hilarious wedding entrance.  Keep in mind, this would never happen (for real) when you work with us.  We may be able to pull off a skit like this though!

In the end, remember to take every opportunity to express your style and unique couple personality in your ceremony and reception. Want some ideas? Contact us today for a free consultation.