The Top 5 Issues Newlyweds Face

Wedding planning takes a large amount of time, energy, and effort, but even so, the real work of marriage begins after saying “I do.” Marriage is a beautiful and exciting phase of life, but there are challenges that often arise amid the newlywed bliss. Understanding some common problems experienced by just-married couples before your big day can help you and your fiancé prepare to deal with these issues if they come up during your first year of marriage.

Post-Wedding Blues

Some couples experience a sense of sadness or boredom in the days and weeks following their wedding. After months of wedding planning and anticipation, suddenly the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, and honeymoon are over. Transitioning back to everyday life can be stressful for couples. To help make the transition, share daily news and small wins with each other. Remember that most of your life together will be made up of small events, so learning to take pleasure in them helps you and your husband build a stronger relationship over the long term.

Not Enough “Me Time”

It is wonderful to have your husband as your best friend but be sure to stay connected with your other close friends. You enter a new period of life with marriage, but in many ways, you are still the same person you were before and will benefit greatly from maintaining the friendships that support you.

Unhappy Family Members

It’s inevitable that someone will be upset by a choice you make, particularly when you are working with two sets of parents. Family members can feel slighted by the amount of time you spend with them or where you spend the holidays. No matter how much debate you and your husband have with each other over these choices, make sure to present your options as joint decisions. Supporting each other like this deepens your bond and sends a clear message about how much you value your spouse. People will be impressed by your commitment to each other, even if they are disappointed by some of your choices.

Less Enjoyment of Sex

Married couples have sex frequently, but sometimes the time in the bedroom changes. For example, maybe you already enjoy an active sex life, and you and your fiancé decided to get married in part because you want to start a family. Sex after marriage can then become about getting pregnant and feel more like work than something you enjoy and anticipate. Remember that sex should be enjoyed and bring pleasure to you and your husband. Look for ways to spice things up and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Handling Spousal Criticism

Research suggests that the way you begin your marriage will significantly influence the quality of your long-term relationship. One troublesome situation that can arise is when your partner feels like you are criticizing him or her, even if you disagree. You may not intend to offend your partner, but it can still damage your marriage if they interpret things you do or say as something critical. If you notice that your spouse seems to feel criticized by you, take the time to reflect on the things you may be doing or saying that make him or her this way. Then work to change those behaviors and communicate in a way that is more empathetic.

As you draw closer to this grand adventure called marriage, taking some time to think about some of the problems that couples face early on helps you prepare for them ahead of time. That way, you are better equipped to deal with the issues in a healthy way if they show up in your relationship. Of course, it’s easy to feel like the last thing you need is one more thing to think about in the midst of wedding planning. If you are in the middle of planning and are feeling overwhelmed by all the stress that’s involved in the process, consider hiring a professional wedding planner. With their expertise, they cut the stress of wedding planning, allowing you to enjoy the special time with your fiancé, prepare for the marriage ahead, and feel like a guest at your own wedding.