Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is just around the corner and June is also a popular choice for weddings, so we rounded up some gifts ideas for the men in your life. Putting together personalized gift boxes is a fun and easy way to show your love and appreciation. From a Father’s Day gift for Dad to a wedding day surprise for your groom or thank you boxes for your groomsmen, it’s simple to create the perfect gift between meetings with your wedding planner in Napa.

Gift Box Containers

Start by choosing a pretty container for your gift boxes. This gives you a foundation to build on as you pick items to go inside. Boxes, baskets, and unique presentation trays all work well, but feel free to get creative. Once you’ve picked the container, look for items to go inside based on size and style. Of course, you need whatever you pick to actually fit inside the container, but you also want it to all look good together. Sticking to a color palette that works with your container helps create a cohesive look.

Avery Printables

Creative gift giving is fun and special, and adding customized printable cards to a gift box is a great way to include a personal touch. We like Avery Design and Print because they offer free printable designs and templates that are easy to customize. You can change the font color, size, or style and add, move, or edit text and images. Here’s how to get started:

  • Go to Avery Design and Print Online at avery.com/print
  • Set up a free account or upload your .avery files using the My Computer button
  • Customize your card as desired
  • Print with your own printer

Gift Box Items

Now that you have your container and card, start filling your gift box full of goodies. Small items like coffee, chocolate, mugs, soap, mints, and biscotti are great to include in a gift box. Try to find a mix of sizes and shapes that fit well together in your container. A theme that ties the whole thing together is helpful, but not necessary. Remember to find something to fill your box with underneath the items too, like crinkle paper or shredded paper. You can put bunched up paper on the bottom of the box with the decorative shredded paper on top if your items are sinking down too much and getting lost. Feel free to repackage items if the commercial packaging is unattractive or you want to split up a bulk purchase between multiple boxes.

Sample Gift Box

Here’s a sample gift box that’s easy to put together and full of treats:

  • Small wooden crate or wood box
  • Shredded or crinkle paper
  • Gourmet coffee
  • Mug
  • Candle
  • Matchsticks
  • Chocolate
  • Ribbon
  • White matte postcard printed with customized printable card

Additional Gift Box Ideas

There are many great themes to choose from when designing a gift box. Food is a wonderful theme that is fun to give and fun to receive. Go for a meaty theme with bacon and jerky, a baked goods theme with bread and biscotti, or a gourmet theme with fruit, compotes, and gourmet popcorn. Here are a few more great theme ideas:

  • Desktop accessories
  • Shaving kit
  • Outdoor survival
  • Whiskey and shot glasses
  • Beard care kit
  • Grill accessories
  • Skin care pack

Creating personalized gift boxes is a fun way to celebrate the men in your life. These ideas can help you put together fun and exciting gift boxes quickly and easily, which is particularly important if you are in the middle of planning your big day. Wedding planning is stressful because there is so much to do and so many decisions to be made. Thankfully, a Napa wedding planner can cut the stress of planning. With your wedding planner in Napa, you can enjoy the planning process and take time to do little things, like creating these special gift boxes. Get ready to enjoy your special day with a Napa wedding planner who can make you feel like a guest at your own wedding.