Use These 8 Fabulous & Free Tips to Mix Some of Your Personal Style Into Your Wedding

Picture1 We've take some time to site down and write our best style tips from our experience planning and coordinating dream weddings all over Northern California. Part of what makes these tips so fabulous is that they help you incorporate something unique about you as a couple. Even a casual but unique nuance can make your wedding more meaningful and personal for both your guests and you.

So without further ado, here are our best ideas for your wedding.

Dance. Sure, you will have the first dance, but what about a last dance? Imagine just the two of you out on the dance floor late into the evening dancing to a favorite sone. What could close out the evening better than that?

Cake. Have you considered a classic white cake? If so, what about a splash of colors in the inside? Or a stylized “Mr. & Mrs.” in piping? If you are an art aficionado, try a watercolor painting. Some of our couples have recently have their vows painted on the fondant. Use your imagination!

Guest Book. This is becoming a popular trend in northern California! Choose a guest book design that you can display in your home afterwards. Some of our wedding couples have gotten very creative and used eveything from a pair of skis to imperial-size wine bottles as their guest book.

Ceremony Music. Maybe you've been told you can't have everything? Why not shut down that idea by having your string quartet or violinist to play orchestral versions of your fave pop songs? Grandma will just think it's a great new instrumental piece, and your close friends will get the reference.

Boutonnieres: Why settle for a plain old boutonniere? Maybe your gent is into beer or wine, so add a dash of wheat or small sections of a grape vine.

Bar: We've provided some great fall and winter drink ideas here, but we also wanted to share another idea. Suppose, for example, your first date was at an ice rink. Why not serve spiked hot cocoa as a way of honoring that fateful day?

A Dash of Fun. Try creating custom temporary tattoos that creatively combine your first names. Place them at your reception tables and watch for them on your dance floor afterwards – it's awesome for photos and your ego!

Let is help match you with local wedding vendors who can help make your ideas come to life.