Using Lighting to Change Up Your Wedding's Look and Feel

32769231 - happy just married young couple celebrating and have fun at beautiful beach I have been planning and coordinating weddings and other events for a couple decades now. It's pretty clear to me that the current state of the economy means a lot of couples are on a budget. Nothing is harder than browsing through bridal magazines, websites, and Pinterest for inspiration but knowing much of what you see is beyond your budget. Still, we know a little creativity can go a long way to achieving the look and feel of your dream wedding. One area that is often overlooked is lighting – but when it's done right, it can radically change your wedding and reception.

Here are a few ways we have found to use lighting to change the look of your wedding:

Create your own focal point. Why not add a light gobo (maybe with your monogram) to the dance floor? While you are at it, add a soft spotlight on your sweetheart table. Ideas like this will upgrade your overall design – but don't forget to have a little fun, too!

Try integrating color. Let's face it – there is nothing more dramatic than colored lighting. Most of our couples choose colored up-lights that blend with their theme, but why not take it a step further and splash softer yellow or white light across the entire space?

Choose a venue that features gorgeous chandeliers. Unfortunately, a lot of ballrooms in northern California have...questionable...carpeting and wall décor. This is your opportunity to up your game by adding some custom lighting to keep people their focus upward and off the walls and floor.

Light up your centerpieces. We know florists who will insert custom LED lights in colors of your choice into your centerpieces. This provides a contemporary, cool look that can totally change the feel of your reception space without a large investment. And don't forget to add some elegant candles onto your tables.

Get your DJ in the mood. Make certain your DJ incorporates light into the performance. But not just any light – skip the strobe lights. Instead, opt for ligting that creates the appearance of glitter and snow, for example. Don't be afraid to use your imagination, but make sure whatever you decide on gets your guest out onto the dance floor!

DIY lighting. If you're on a tight budget, ask your venue manager if you can string up some fairy lights along the trees (if you are outside) or across the ceiling. Also, paper lanterns are trendy now, and wont break the bank.