Wedding Boudoir Photo Shoot: What Is It And Is It Right for You?

Wedding Boudoir Photo ShootYou Wedding Boudoir Photo Shoot

Do you want to wow your groom with a wedding gift that he wants to keep forever? A wedding boudoir photo shoot may be just what you’re after. Wedding boudoir photography is a trend that your groom will love.

Read on to see if this risqué, wearing a lot less, photo shoot is for you.

What is a Wedding Boudoir photo shoot?

A wedding boudoir photo shoot is a tasteful photo shoot done by a boudoir photographer. While you are wearing little to nothing, these shots are PG-13 to R rated.

A gifted photographer will strategically pose you so you are showing enough skin to excite your groom while still leaving something to his imagination.

How Do I find the right photographer for my wedding boudoir photo shoot?

Decide if you are comfortable with a male or female photographer. Remember there will be times you will either be nude or mostly nude. Once you know what you are comfortable with, you can begin.

Start by looking up Boudoir photographers in your area. It is best to go with someone that specializes only in that area of photography.

If that is their primary focus, you will be greeted with a lot of props, various scene setups to take your photo, and they will have the expertise to pose you just right.

If you cannot find a photographer dedicated solely to boudoir photography, many photographers will have this listed as an added service.

When you find someone, arrange to meet with him or her. You want to make sure you feel comfortable. The best pictures are when a bride is comfortable and open.

You can look at their props, colors, and make sure the whole vibe resonates with you. Many photographers will shoot outside their studio. This will be an extra cost but may be worth it if you want the shoot in a special place that has meaning to you and your groom.

Things to think about...

Also, if you haven’t already viewed their samples on their online portfolio, sit down and look through the photographer's pictures. You will want to take into consideration their Photoshop skills.

Do you want a highly retouched photo or one that is lightly touched up? Make sure you discuss this with your photographer beforehand. While heavily photoshopped pictures look perfect, you want your groom to fantasize about you, just the way you are.

When deciding on a package, keep in mind that you can choose to frame your favorite photo but you will probably also want a photo book made of your favorite various shots.

What will happen during my Wedding Boudoir photo shoot?

The day of your shoot, you will arrive with your lingerie, heels, jewelry, and bridal props in hand. Yes, you will want to bring your own.

If you are in studio, you will find it a comfortable temperature. This is great for brides that tend to be freezing all the time. The studio lights will heat you up as well.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the temperature to be adjusted up or down to your liking.

You will be offered champagne, wine, or water.

Say yes to the onsite hair, makeup, and eyelash artist. You will want false eyelashes for this. They make a world of difference in your photographs.

You can always do your own hair and light make-up before you come in so they have an idea of how you want to look. They can just touchup anything that needs a little more oomph for the camera.

You’ll then discuss your outfits. The number of outfit changes will be decided on the package you choose. Your photographer will let you know which ones will be most flattering on the camera. Make sure you bring plenty of choices.

Your photographer will probably demonstrate each pose they want you to make. While everything seems like it would be natural, it’s not. Having them show you helps to nail the perfect pose.

After several poses on the different sets: a bed, chaise lounges, chairs, or even in front of a window, your session will be complete. You’ll head back behind the curtain and change into your regular street clothes.

Make sure you have something planned for later because you are definitely hair and makeup ready!

What started off as a gift for your groom will turn out to be a gift for yourself too. Often your wedding photographer will know who is good at boudoir photography. He or she may even offer the service themselves.

I can help you set everything up from A-Z with your wedding. Contact me here to see how I can help you.

Remember, your photo shoot can be as risqué or as modest as you want it to be.


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Photograph from Oh Betty Boudoir