Wedding Invitations: The Unsung Envelope

Our-Wedding-EnvelopesWedding invitations speak a lot about what your guests can expect at your wedding.

Most people think about the wedding invitations but rarely think about the envelope!

Even in this age of Pinterest and Facebook, the envelope is often the last thing you think about when designing your wedding invitations.

Or Perhaps you want to think differently and put some of your unique wedding style into your invitation?

Why not celebrate the wedding invitations envelope?

After all, it is your invitation's first impression when it arrives at the homes of your family and friends.

Envelope Size

We think of the wedding envelope as the starting point of the wedding invitations, not an afterthought.

As you will soon find out, most envelopes come in standard sizes, and each manufacturer will often have their own custom sizes. Few people realize this trick and that's why we advise our couples to select the envelope first, then a coordinating paper.

Once that is in the bag, the next stop is overall design, ink colors, and whatever else you can imagine.

One Envelope -vs.- Inner & Outer Envelope

Some history of the wedding invitations envelope:

Back in the day, invitations were only handwritten and delivered by messenger on horseback. The outer envelope was designed to protect the invitation from harsh elements.

Today, most couples use inner and outer envelopes to address the invitation to individual people. That's all fine and good in our book, but what about using a stylish band with your guest's name imprinted on it?

So much of invitation design depends on your wedding budget. If you have extra in your wedding invitation budget, the services of a professional calligrapher can make an impressive touch to your invitation design.

Return Address

Your return address most always goes on the back flap of the envelope. Boring! Invest is a custom rubber stamp for your special day and add a touch of flair to this often overlooked part of your invitation.

Envelope Liners

Envelope liners serve no purpose whatsoever, and that is why we love them! Seriously, envelope liners can tie your design together in a very creative manner. Alternately, if you have opted for a minimalist design for your invitation, envelope liners can add a splash color.


Don't forget about your wedding invitations RSVP responses; they can get expensive quickly. And finally, keep in mind that non-traditional invitations may require more postage.

But wait! Before you purchase stamps and send your invitation to the winds of postal fortune, check out the selection of non-traditional wedding and love themed stamps at your local post office.

Hand Canceling : The Key To Avoiding Damaged Wedding Invitations

When you place something in the mail, its postage is scanned and "canceled." This process is necessary so stamps can't be used again, but the process is mechanical and often your lovely invitations can be torn, bent, and marked up.

Doesn't is seem a tad silly to spend so much time and money on the oh-so-perfect invitations just to feed them to a machine that can do so much damage.

Fortunately, the USPS provides a solution for this dilemma; just ask for your wedding invitations to be "hand canceled" at the post office. The process involves hand stamping your invitations with a round stamp over the postage and routing them without machine processing.

Don’t Go Postal... 

In the end, the post office is what it is, and you'll simply need to set aside sufficient time to ensure you can complete the invitation process.

Why not put on a favorite old movie and chill a bottle of wine to make the process go a little easier? You'll be done in no time, especially if you have a small group of friends to help!

Love this tip?  Imagine what we can do with your wedding?!  Schedule a consultation now!

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