The 3 Types of Wedding Planning Packages in Napa County

northern California weddingSaying "yes" when he popped the big question was the beginning of a profoundly meaningful time in your lives. The happiness of engagement can quickly be replaced with the stress of planning a wedding.  That's why we offer 3 different types of wedding planning packages in Napa County.

Wedding Planning Packages in Napa County became important.

I want to help take the stress and worry out of planning your wedding. Over the years we have used several state-of-the-art wedding planning tools. We enjoy breaking up seemingly endless tasks into easy-to-accomplish and stress-free segments.

Over the last two decades, I have helped plan both vast and intimate scale wedding planning packages in Napa County. That being said, I am still surprised by some of the misconceptions surrounding my chosen profession.

In this post, I am going to try to clarify what you can expect when working with a wedding planner and coordinator.

Wedding Planning Packages in Napa County - the difference between planner and coordinator.

The first thing you need to understand is that most wedding planners offer service packages including Ceremony Only, Day-Of, and Full Service Wedding Planning. And while every coordinator does things differently, these are the common levels of service. Here is a summary of each:

Ceremony Only

If you want to handle all of your wedding planning and need only someone to direct and coordinate during your ceremony, this is the package for you.

Because this is the smallest of the most common packages, it is also the least expensive. It includes minimal communication until about 30 days before your wedding. At that time, details are discussed, and your wedding pro will create a ceremony agenda that can be shared with all of your wedding vendors and everyone within your wedding party.

Most Ceremony Only packages also include coordinating and attending a rehearsal. At the wedding, the coordinator will make certain:

  • All personal floral has landed in the appropriate spots
  • The ceremony setup is correct and aligned with the couple's vision
  • The wedding party is lined up to process in the proper spacing and order

Day-of Coordination:

Most Day-of coordination packages are far more comprehensive than Ceremony Only packages. Day-of coordination includes unlimited communication 30-60 days before the ceremony, a menu and cake tasting meeting, and a tie-down meeting with your chosen venue.

Wedding picture from Napa California

A detailed day-of agenda is drafted to align with your service contract, and the package often includes the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. This package also commonly includes setup tasks like place cards and accent pieces on the cake and gift tables.

Full-Service Wedding Planning Packages in Napa County

Wedding Planning:

Most of the weddings we plan and coordinate in Napa and Sonoma counties are for full-service planning. This level of service includes all of the above and comprehensive and detailed planning and coordinating from the time of the contract signing to the end of the reception. It offers unlimited client meetings, emails, and phone conversations.

The planner plays an active role in the entire wedding, from guest list create to theme design. This package is perfect for couples who want to become "guests at their own wedding."

This is just an overview of some of the different levels of wedding planning services offered in Napa and Sonoma counties.

Do you have any more in-depth questions for me? You can contact me here or go straight to booking a consultation with me.

This is just an idea of what it takes to plan a wedding. I help you with all of these details, plus take care of all the small stuff not mentioned in this video!