Weird Things That Happen as Soon as You Get Engaged

you get engagedSure, there’s phone calls to all family members, a fabulous Facebook and Twitter post, and maybe a fresh manicure to announce as soon as you get engaged.

Things Happen After You Get Engaged

Yet after you check off these fun to-dos off your wedding checklist, you’ll likely notice a pattern in your life experiences as a result of your pending big day.

You will constantly fear your wedding ring is falling off.  Yep, this is one of the most annoying and heart-stopping phonemes of becoming engaged.

Not only will you be constantly glancing at your left hand, but you will come to believe your ring has fallen off. You will keep telling everyone that you’re “not planning anything yet.”

Who are you kidding? From the night of the big ask, your Pinterest was likely bursting at the seams with wedding boards. You force yourself to work even as you are overwhelmed with the desire to interview wedding planners. And to top it off, your fiancé was ready to get the wedding over with weeks ago.

The Questions That Come When You Get Engaged

Prep yourself for all the questions. You’ll be asked how he proposed dozens, if not hundreds, of times. Do you have a date yet? Where is the wedding going to happen? What’s your theme and colors? When do I get grand-rugrats?

You’ll be blown away by the amount of social media buzz you create. Seriously! It will take the better part of a week just to respond to everyone. Find your happy place, sit down, and enjoy it. After all, they are so happy for you!

You will find yourself randomly smiling about your fiancé’s quirky idiosyncrasies. How do we say this with proper emphasis? All. The. Time.

You’ll exploit every opportunity to insert the word “fiancé” into your conversations. That's always the best one when you get engaged.

In the end, there are thousands of decisions to make and the planning process may seem overwhelming even with the help of a professional wedding planner like me.

But no matter how big and hairy your wedding planning process becomes, you’ll still find yourself full of sweet anticipation for the day when you say “I do” and spending the rest of your life with the love of your life.

Savor the time when you get engaged because there is nothing like it.

I want to help create lasting moments for you.  Click here to schedule a consultation with me.

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