What To Expect At a Wedding Show in Napa and Sonoma Counties

Planning a wedding is an exciting, and overwhelming, time in a relationship. From the dress and flowers to cake and décor, there are so many details to keep track of and decide about. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Bridal shows are a wonderful opportunity for brides to get organized and gather ideas. At a wedding show, the latest trends in bridal fashions and wedding essentials from all kinds of vendors are gathered together in one place. Photographers, florists, caterers, rentals, and everything you need in one location to help you cross things off your to do list. It is also a great way to see what other couples planning weddings in Napa and Sonoma are doing with their special days. The following tips and tricks will help you make the most of your next bridal show.


Bridal shows can draw hundreds of brides and spectators, making for long lines to get in. Registering before the show saves you time at the door, and you often will receive a discount for registering early.

Eat First

Catering companies usually represent a large portion of the vendors at a bridal show, so expect to sample a variety of food, beverages, and cake. However, it is a good idea to eat a small meal before you go to give yourself energy for the event. You also don’t want to be so hungry that every cake tastes like the best cake you have ever eaten.

Dress Comfortably

Wedding shows involve a lot of walking around, so wear comfortable clothing and shoes. This is also makes it easier to try on wedding gowns if you find some that you like.

Bring Cash

Many vendors offer special sales on items available at the wedding show and they may not take cards. Bringing along some extra cash gives you the flexibility to purchase something you need at a great price.

Get Advice

Bring someone with you when you attend a bridal show, whether it is a friend, your fiance, or a family member. Having someone you trust with you to share ideas and opinions helps prevent you from making an impulsive decision that you might regret later. Besides, it’s more fun to share the experience.

Take Address Labels

Print labels with your name, address, email, and wedding date to use on vendor information cards so you don’t have to write all of it out repeatedly. Carry a Bag A large bag, backpack, or carry-on suitcase with wheels is a good idea to bring along. You will be collecting lots of brochures, magazines, and other goodies and need somewhere to put them. For this reason, it is also a good idea to leave your coat in the car, you don’t need one more thing to carry.

Be Prepared to Take Notes

Take along your camera and a notebook so you can take pictures and write notes. There will be vendors with various décor options and you can gather all kinds of ideas to incorporate into your wedding. It is also helpful to document other items you like or things that spark ideas for you, from food to music to fashion.

Watch the Fashion Show

The fashion show is one of the most popular parts of a bridal show so make sure to arrive early if you want seats in the front. Have your notebook handy so you can take notes about anything that catches your eye.

Take Your Time

It can feel overwhelming to arrive at a wedding show and have so many vendors you want to talk to, but take your time visiting the tables and don’t rush through the event. Bridal shows are a great opportunity to get new ideas and talk to vendors, so relax, have fun, and enjoy the experience. Planning a wedding is stressful, but try to enjoy the process. Hiring a wedding planner takes the pressure off you and helps you appreciate this special time in your relationship. Wedding coordinators create beautiful weddings in Napa and Sonoma and can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams where you can relax and enjoy the celebration like one of the guests.