What Choice of Wedding Packages is Right for You?

wedding packages If you were to ask most recently married couples what their best financial decision for their wedding was, you'd most likely find their photographer wins first place., followed closely by their choice of wedding packages.

At Extraordinary Weddings, we have come to believe that almost all couples need professional assistance, advice, and guidance from an experienced and creative wedding planner. Our planning packages are designed to serve the needs of around 90% of our clients, and we do offer hybrid packages for individual cases.

In this post, we will break down our wedding packages so you can decide which services you need:

Full-Service Wedding Packages

Our full-service wedding packages are ideal for couples who are lacking the resources, time, and desire to plan every detail of their wedding day. This package is also well suited for couples planning a destination wedding in the Napa and Sonoma region. Finally, we have found it perfect for weddings featuring a multi-day celebration.

As the full-service name suggests, this package ensures every detail, from start to finish, is identified and completed. We start by referring and negotiating with our trusted vendors to ensure your dream wedding is backed up by a dream-team. We attend all appointments, site visits, tastings, and help prioritize your budget. Next, we work with you to shift your design dreams into reality, plan the layout of the wedding and reception, and create a detailed timeline for every aspect of your big day.

When your wedding date finally arrives, we manage all pre-wedding activities, including the rehearsal. So if you are looking to ensure every detail of your wedding is attended to, including handling every unexpected situation, look no further than our full-service wedding package.

We are often approached by couples who are two or three years away from their wedding date, but we also offer the full-service package to couples with less time to plan. Hiring us early on, however, provides a wealth of advantages, including helping you with every decision from the very beginning. We can offer insights and advice on everything from vendor selection to the reception color scheme.

Partial Planning Wedding Packages

Our partial planning wedding packages are designed for couples who want to collaborate on their wedding. The partial planning package is our most popular and is perfect for couples who need everything in the two-month package but are also looking for a little more.

In this package, we work closely with you through every stage of planning your wedding. In addition to everything that is included as part of the two-month package, you also receive:

  • Just the right amount of in-person meetings, including venue walk-throughs, initial consultation, rehearsal, consultation and coordination with the photographer, DJ, etc.
  • Unlimited email and phone conversations for the entire planning process.
  • A detailed consultation on all aspects of your wedding day.
  • Help develop your budget
  • Access to our trusted vendor recommendations, including exclusive discounts.
  • Rehearsal ceremony walk-through and planning

Two Month Wedding Packages

Our two-month wedding packages are perfect for couples who want to actively participate in the details of planning their wedding, or those who have a limited budget and want an experienced wedding planner to take care of all the details before the big day.

We begin working with our two-month couples 2-3 months before their wedding date to become familiar with their plans and find out what tasks and details need to be taken care of before their big day. Also, we do a final walk-through of your ceremony and reception site, complete a detailed timeline, revise and confirm all vendor contracts, and manage the rehearsal and wedding.

This package is ideal if you and your fiancé are skilled at making a wedding budget, enjoy design, and are a well-organized couple. Plan on hiring us 6-8 months in advance, if at all possible, to make sure all the details are attended to with the best possible timing.

Design Wedding Packages

We have the experience, training, and creativity to design the perfect aesthetic for your wedding and reception. This package works well for couples who just need help and inspiration for the look and feel of their wedding day, but otherwise, are managing the wedding planning process themselves.

In this package, we assist our couples with every aesthetic detail, from the base color palette to lighting and tablescapes. We attend site tours, manage your decor budget, curate all decor needs, and ensure all decor items are placed accurately on your wedding day.


Most of our couples find a package that is best for them, but we do also offer custom designed packages to fit almost any budget and vision.

If you are looking for an experienced and creative wedding planner in Napa and Sonoma counties, please contact us, and we'll be happy to guide you to your dream wedding.